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Name ISRCs Rating Length
4% of Sommething (live: London, UK) 3:59
Across the Universe (live: Japan) 4:06
Art for Art’s Sake 4:11
Art for Art’s Sake (live: London, UK) 8:55
Art For Art’s Sake (live: Japan) 8:12
Baron Samedi (BBC In Concert 21/8/74) 5:04
Bee in My Bonnet (live: London, UK) 2:02
Don’t Hang Up 5:59
Donna 2:55
Dreadlock Holiday (live: London, UK) 4:47
Dreadlock Holiday (live: Japan) 6:11
Dreadlock Holiday 4:13
Dreadlock Holiday (Six Fifty Five Special 27/7/82) 3:48
Dreadlock Holiday (Top of the Pops 17/8/78) 3:25
Feel the Benefit (live: London, UK) 13:53
Feel the Benefit (live: Japan) 13:51
Feel the Love 3:45
Feel the Love (live: London, UK) 5:08
Fresh Air for My Mama (BBC In Concert 21/8/74) 3:06
Fresh Air for My Mama (See You Sunday 21/4/74) 3:00
Good Morning Judge (live: Japan) 3:03
Good Morning Judge 2:53
Hot Sun Rock (live: London, UK) 3:01
I’m Mandy Fly Me 4:38
I’m Mandy Fly Me (live: London, UK) 5:27
I’m Not in Love 3:44
I’m Not in Love 5:13
I’m Not in Love (live: Japan) 7:22
I’m Not in Love (live: London, UK) 6:28
I’m Not in Love 3:44
I’m Not in Love 3:47
I’m Not in Love (Top of the Pops 25/12/75) 3:49
Introduction (live: Japan) 0:59
Life Is a Minestrone (Top of the Pops 10/4/75) 3:45
Live Is a Minestrone (live: Japan) 4:30
Lying Here With You (live: London, UK) 3:19
Oh Effendi (BBC In Concert 21/8/74) 2:58
Old Wild Men (BBC In Concert 21/8/74) 4:18
One Two Five 4:07
Paperback Writer (live: Japan) 3:51
People in Love 3:46
Rubber Bullets (live: Japan) 1:56
Rubber Bullets (BBC In Concert 21/8/74) 7:21
Rubber Bullets (Top of the Pops 25/12/73) 3:33
Run Away (Saturday Superstore 23/10/82) 3:55
Sayonara (Final Credits) (live: Japan) 2:31
Shine a Light in the Dark (live: Japan) 5:31
Silly Love (live: Japan) 1:47
Silly Love (BBC In Concert 21/8/74) 4:36
Slow Down (live: Japan) 5:35
The Power of Love ?:??
The Power of Love (live: London, UK) 4:05
The Star’s Didn’t Show (live: Japan) 4:48
The Things We Do for Love 3:07
The Things We Do for Love 3:30
The Things We Do for Love (live: Japan) 3:38
The Things We Do for Love (live: London, UK) 3:34
The Wall Street Shuffle (live: Japan) 4:21
The Wall Street Shuffle (live: London, UK) 4:08
The Wall Street Shuffle (BBC In Concert 21/8/74) 3:51
The Wall Street Shuffle (See You Sunday 21/4/74) 3:18
Waterfall (live: London, UK) 3:40
Welcome to Paradise (live: Japan) 5:28
Woman in Love 4:03

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