Harry Betts

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member of:The Big Band of Shorty Rogers
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(You're My) Soul and InspirationChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:38
A Sunday Kind Of LoveAnnita Ray3:12
Another Time, Another PlaceAnnita Ray2:25
Early AutumnChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:43
For All We KnowAnnita Ray2:42
Forget HimChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:41
I Don't Want To Talk Without YouAnnita Ray2:53
I Left My Heart in San FranciscoChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:29
I'll Be AroundAnnita Ray2:46
Message to MichaelChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:42
No More BluesChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:24
Oh, You Crazy MoonAnnita Ray3:10
Quietly, ThereChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:38
Slow GlowAnnita Ray2:43
Spring Can Really Hang You Up the MostChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:52
Stranger on the ShoreChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:39
The Christmas SongChet Baker and the Carmel Strings3:05
The Heart That Broke Was MineAnnita Ray3:58
The More I See YouChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:48
This Live We've LedAnnita Ray3:19
This Time The Dream's On MeAnnita Ray2:52
We Wish You the MerriestBing Crosby & Frank Sinatra2:18
You Don't Have to Say You Love MeChet Baker and the Carmel Strings2:35
Quietly ThereChet Baker and the Carmel Strings
Mexicali Nose
1962-08-20 – 1962-08-21A Sunday Kind Of LoveAnnita Ray3:12
1962-08-20 – 1962-08-21Another Time, Another PlaceAnnita Ray2:25
1962-08-20 – 1962-08-21For All We KnowAnnita Ray2:42
1962-08-20 – 1962-08-21I Don't Want To Talk Without YouAnnita Ray2:53
1962-08-20 – 1962-08-21I'll Be AroundAnnita Ray2:46
1962-08-20 – 1962-08-21Oh, You Crazy MoonAnnita Ray3:10
1962-08-20 – 1962-08-21Slow GlowAnnita Ray2:43
1962-08-20 – 1962-08-21The Heart That Broke Was MineAnnita Ray3:58
1962-08-20 – 1962-08-21This Live We've LedAnnita Ray3:19
1962-08-20 – 1962-08-21This Time The Dream's On MeAnnita Ray2:52
1947-12-06ThermopylaetromboneStan Kenton2:57
1947-12-21Metronome RifftromboneNat King Cole2:45
1950-02-03ConflicttromboneStan Kenton4:24
1950-02-03MiragetromboneStan Kenton4:59
1950-02-03SoliloquytromboneStan Kenton4:34
1950-02-03SolitairetromboneStan Kenton4:14
1950-02-03Theme for SundaytromboneStan Kenton5:01
1950-02-04Cuban EpisodetromboneStan Kenton4:44
1950-02-04Evening in PakistantromboneStan Kenton3:44
1950-02-04Incident in JazztromboneStan Kenton3:28
1950-02-04Incident in JazztromboneStan Kenton3:30
1950-02-04Lonesome RoadtromboneStan Kenton4:27
1950-02-04TrajectoriestromboneStan Kenton3:32
1950-02-05Blues in RifftromboneStan Kenton2:53
1950-02-05In VeraderotromboneStan Kenton4:18
1950-02-05Jolly RogerstromboneStan Kenton2:41
1950-02-05Mardi GrastromboneStan Kenton3:08
1950-02-05SalutetromboneStan Kenton3:36
1950-05-18Art PeppertromboneStan Kenton5:20
1950-05-18Halls of BrasstromboneStan Kenton5:01
1950-06-05Maynard FergusontromboneStan Kenton4:18
1950-06-05Shelly MannetromboneStan Kenton4:30
1950-09-12Round RobintromboneStan Kenton2:43
1950-09-13Band Ain't Draggin'tromboneMaynard Ferguson2:10
1950-09-13Love Locked OuttromboneMaynard Ferguson2:58
1950-09-13Short WavetromboneMaynard Ferguson2:35
1950-09-13Take the "A" TraintromboneMaynard Ferguson2:53
1951-05-31The Hot CanarytromboneMaynard Ferguson2:21
1951-05-31What's New?tromboneMaynard Ferguson3:11
1951-09-19Coop's SolotromboneStan Kenton3:17
1951-09-19SambotromboneStan Kenton2:40
1951-10-14Coop's SolotromboneStan Kenton3:43
1951-10-14EnnuitromboneStan Kenton3:41
1951-10-14SalutetromboneStan Kenton4:04
1951-10-14SamanatromboneStan Kenton3:53
1951-12-05A HorntromboneStan Kenton4:07
1951-12-05City of Glass: Dance Before the Mirrorsolo and tromboneStan Kenton4:26
1951-12-05City of Glass: ReflectionstromboneStan Kenton3:55
1951-12-07City of Glass: Entrance Into the CitytromboneStan Kenton4:33
1951-12-07City of Glass: The StructurestromboneStan Kenton3:50
1951Artistry In RhythmtromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Artistry In Rhythm (Intro)tromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Autumn LeavestromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Blues In RifftromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951CollaborationtromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Eager BeavertromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Easy GotromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Gone With The WindtromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Intermission RifftromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Love For SaletromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951LovertromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951MachitotromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Minor RifftromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Painted RhythmtromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951StardusttromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1951Viva PradotromboneStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1953-03-26Boar-JibutromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra feat. The Giants3:37
1953-03-26Coop de GraastromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants2:57
1953-03-26Coop the GraastromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra feat. The Giants2:58
1953-03-26Infinity PromenadetromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra feat. The Giants3:36
1953-03-26Infinity PromenadetromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants3:34
1953-03-26Short StoptromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants3:16
1953-03-26Short StoptromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra feat. The Giants3:18
1953-04-02Chiquito LocotromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants3:29
1953-04-02Chiquito LocotromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra feat. The Giants3:28
1953-04-02ContourstromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra feat. The Giants3:21
1953-04-02ContourstromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants3:24
1953-04-02Sweetheart of Sigmund FreudtromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants2:39
1953-04-02Tale of an African LobstertromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants3:23
1953-04-02Tale of an African LobstertromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra feat. The Giants3:26
1953-04-02The Sweetheart of Sigmund FreudtromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra feat. The Giants2:41
1953-07-14Blues for BrandotromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra2:53
1953-07-14ChinotromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra2:37
1953-07-14The Wild OnetromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra3:17
1953-07-14WindswepttromboneShorty Rogers and His Orchestra3:15
1954-01-18I Should CaretromboneJune Christy2:12
1954-01-18It Could Happen to YoutromboneJune Christy1:57
1954-01-18Lonely HousetromboneJune Christy3:58
1954-01-19A Stranger Called the BluestromboneJune Christy3:58
1954-01-19I'll Take RomancetromboneJune Christy2:20
1954-02-02Basie EyestromboneShorty Rogers3:27
1954-02-02Doggin' AroundtromboneShorty Rogers2:36
1954-02-02It's Sand, MantromboneShorty Rogers3:00
1954-02-02TopsytromboneShorty Rogers3:21
1954-02-08Come Back Little RockettrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:33
1954-02-08Early StantrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:52
1954-02-08LauratrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:44
1954-02-08That Old Black MagictrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:04
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08360 Special (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra3:02
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08Bazaar (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:48
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08California Melodies (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:44
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08Come Back Little Rocket (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:30
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08Early Stan (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:44
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:24
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08Laura (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:44
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08Mañana (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:26
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08Sidewalks of New York Mambo (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra3:01
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08That Old Black Magic (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:53
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08Theme From the Lombardo Ending (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:41
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08You Stepped Out of a Dream (stereo)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:16
1954-02-09Down for DoubletromboneShorty Rogers2:57
1954-02-09Jump for MetromboneShorty Rogers4:00
1954-02-09Over and OuttromboneShorty Rogers3:15
1954-02-09Swingin' the BluestromboneShorty Rogers4:29
1954-02-24360 SpecialtrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:04
1954-02-24BazaartrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:47
1954-02-24California MelodiestrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:44
1954-02-24You Stepped Out of a DreamtrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:16
1954-03-03H and JtromboneShorty Rogers3:02
1954-03-03Taps MillertromboneShorty Rogers3:23
1954-03-03TickletoetromboneShorty Rogers2:40
1954-03-03Walk, Don't RuntromboneShorty Rogers3:15
1954-04-28Good Evening Friends BoogietrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra3:19
1954-04-28Good Evening Friends BoogietrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:23
1954-04-28King Porter StomptrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:49
1954-04-28King Porter StomptrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:51
1954-04-28MañanatrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:29
1954-04-28Theme From the Lombardo EndingtrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:41
1954-04-29In the Shade of the Old Apple ThreetrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:23
1954-04-29Jingle Bells MambotrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:53
1954-04-29Jingle Bells MambotrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:52
1954-04-29My Funny ValentinetrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:49
1954-04-29My Funny ValentinetrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:49
1954-04-29PoincianatrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:17
1954-04-29Poinciana (Song of the Tree)trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra3:20
1954-05-10Mixin' the BluestrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra3:13
1954-05-10Rugolo Meets ShearingtrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:49
1954-06-21ConversationtrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra3:50
1954-06-21Here's PetetrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra?:??
1954-06-21Here's PetetrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:25
1954-06-21There Will Never Be Another YoutrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:21
1954-06-21You Are Too BeautifultrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:52
1954-07-08Manhattan MambotrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:00
1954-07-08SambambatrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:27
1954-07-08Sidewalks of New YorktrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:00
1955-02-22Bobbin' With BobtrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:49
1955-02-22Bongo DancetrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:19
1955-02-22Little White LiestrombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:10
1955-02-22Quiet Village (Cha-Cha-Cha)trombonePete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:58
1955-05-10I'm ThrilledtromboneJune Christy2:42
1955-05-10The Night We Called It a DaytromboneJune Christy4:50
1955-05-10This Time the Dream's on MetromboneJune Christy1:32
1957-10-28Bruinville, My Bruinville [live]tromboneHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐Stars9:39
1957-10-28Mambo Del Quado [live]tromboneHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐Stars7:51
1957-11Bruinville, My BruinvilletromboneHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐Stars8:44
1957-11Clown's DancetromboneHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐Stars7:36
1957-11Coop Salutes the "Co-Op"tromboneHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐Stars5:35
1957-11Mambo Del QuadotromboneHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐Stars9:17
1957-11Prelude to the QueentromboneHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐Stars4:32
1957-11Strike Up the BandtromboneHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐Stars8:34
1958-06-19 – 1958-06-26Afrom-Cubance Influence (Wuayacañjanga Suite)tromboneThe Big Band of Shorty Rogers21:59
1958-06-19 – 1958-06-26MantecatromboneThe Big Band of Shorty Rogers9:03
1958-06-19 – 1958-06-26Moon Over CubatromboneThe Big Band of Shorty Rogers4:13
1958-06-19 – 1958-06-26Un Poco LocotromboneThe Big Band of Shorty Rogers3:37
1958-06-19 – 1958-06-26Viva PuentetromboneThe Big Band of Shorty Rogers3:39
1958-10-25Artistry in RhythmtromboneThe Pete Rugolo Orchestra3:50
1958-10-25Capitol PunishmenttromboneThe Pete Rugolo Orchestra2:24
1958-10-25Eager BeavertromboneThe Pete Rugolo Orchestra3:00
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20A Very Special LovetromboneShorty Rogers2:00
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20Chances AretromboneShorty Rogers3:21
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20Come to MetromboneShorty Rogers2:49
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20Everybody Loves a LovertromboneShorty Rogers3:53
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20I Just Don't KnowtromboneShorty Rogers4:30
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20It's Not for Me to SaytromboneShorty Rogers4:40
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20Lilac ChiffontromboneShorty Rogers4:04
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20My Very Good Friend in the Looking GlasstromboneShorty Rogers3:34
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20No Such LucktromboneShorty Rogers2:20
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20Teacher, TeachertromboneShorty Rogers2:38
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20Who Needs YoutromboneShorty Rogers2:59
1958-12-09 – 1958-12-20You Know How It IstromboneShorty Rogers3:24
1958-12-19 – 1958-12-22The Gypsy's HiptromboneBarney Kessel3:56
1959Los BarbarostromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants1:40
1959Los PrimitivostromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants2:14
1959OomgawatromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants3:25
1959Paradise FoundtromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants3:05
1959Tarzanic SuitetromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants17:34
1959The Elephant WailtromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants3:25
1959TrappedtromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants1:55
1960-04-26Midnight SuntromboneJune Christy3:34
1960-04-26Something CooltromboneJune Christy4:59
1960-05-03 – 1960-05-26Blue Reeds (Reed Flute Blues)tromboneShorty Rogers5:26
1960-05-03 – 1960-05-26China Where? (Tea dance)tromboneShorty Rogers2:08
1960-05-03 – 1960-05-26Flowers for the Cats (Waltz of the Flowers)tromboneShorty Rogers3:25
1960-05-03 – 1960-05-26Like Nutty Overture (Finale)tromboneShorty Rogers5:23
1960-05-03 – 1960-05-26Pass the Duke (Pas De Deux)tromboneShorty Rogers2:48
1960-05-03 – 1960-05-26Six Pak (Trépak)tromboneShorty Rogers2:46
1960-05-03 – 1960-05-26Snowball (Waltz of the Snowflakes)tromboneShorty Rogers3:02
1960-05-10Angel EyestrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-10Basin Street EasttrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-10Intermission RifftrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-10Like LovetrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-10Love Is Just Around the CornertrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-10Moonglow / Theme From "Picnic"trombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-12It's a Most Unusual DaytrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-12Let There Be LovetrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-12Love Is Here to StaytrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-12MarietrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-12Ten Trombones LiketrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-05-12Willow Weep for MetrombonePete Rugolo And His Orchestra?:??
1960-08-01Waiter, Make Mine BluestromboneAnita O’Day3:21
1960 – 1961Ballin' The JacktromboneThe Dave Pell Octet3:50
1960 – 1961Blues (My Naughty Sweety Gives To Me)tromboneThe Dave Pell Octet3:11
1960 – 1961Ida! Sweet As Apple CidertromboneThe Dave Pell Octet3:09
1960 – 1961Jazz Me BluestromboneThe Dave Pell Octet2:20
1960 – 1961ManhattantromboneThe Dave Pell Octet3:12
1960 – 1961Oh, Didn't He RambletromboneThe Dave Pell Octet2:45
1960 – 1961Paper DolltromboneThe Dave Pell Octet3:49
1960 – 1961Shi-Me-Sha-WabbletromboneThe Dave Pell Octet3:37
1960 – 1961Sugar Foot StruttromboneThe Dave Pell Octet2:36
1960 – 1961There'll Be Some Changes MadetromboneThe Dave Pell Octet1:59
1960 – 1961Tishomingo BluestromboneThe Dave Pell Octet3:20
1960 – 1961When The Saints Go Marching IntromboneThe Dave Pell Octet2:57
1962-12Be As ChildrentromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants?:??
1962-12I'm Gonna Go Fishin'tromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants?:??
1962-12Jazz WaltztromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants?:??
1962-12Walk On The Wild SidetromboneShorty Rogers & His Giants?:??
Ain’t Misbehavin’tromboneRay Brown5:09
Alice Blue GowntromboneRay Brown2:37
Almost like Being in LovetromboneRay Brown4:11
But BeautifultromboneRay Brown3:57
Memories of YoutromboneRay Brown4:49
Poor ButterflytromboneRay Brown3:13
Rock-a-bye Your Baby with a Dixie MelodytromboneRay Brown2:06
RosalietromboneRay Brown3:02
TangerinetromboneRay Brown3:17
That Old FeelingtromboneRay Brown4:36
Four Freshmen and 5 TrombonestromboneThe Four Freshmen
instrument arranger
Full Sailhorn and stringsThe Beach Boys2:57
Goin’ Southhorn and stringsThe Beach Boys3:18
Lady Lyndahorn and stringsThe Beach Boys3:59
Santa Ana WindsstringsThe Beach Boys3:16