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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Beat Goes Round ?:??
Beat Goes Round 5:13
Beat Goes Round 3:25
Give It Up 2:28
I Got Slimed ?:??
I Got Slimed 3:29
It's a Rave Dave ?:??
It's a Rave Dave (Je2 Grade 8 mix) ?:??
Mom & Daddy ?:??
Mom & Daddy 3:06
Mom and Daddy 4:05
Mom and Daddy (Jet Storm's Drop Sirens Not Klaxons mix) 4:34
Mom and Daddy (Jet Storm's Ear Cleaner mix) 5:39
Night of Error 6:12
Rabbit in the Headlights ?:??
Rabbit in the Headlights 3:29
Rave Dave ?:??
Rave Dave 3:59
Rave Dave (Bryan Cox & Denny Le Nimh remix) ?:??
Something Iv Nothing 3:54
Spread the Love ?:??
Spread the Love 3:24
Tight Body ?:??
Tight Body ?:??
Tight Body 3:51
Tight Body (Slider Skillz mix) ?:??
Too Much Pressure 3:49
Uphill Struggle ?:??
Uphill Struggle 3:27
We Go to War 3:39
We Go To War ?:??
What Am I Supposed to Do? ?:??
What Am I Supposed to Do? 3:07
Why Can't We Be Friends ?:??
Why Can't We Be Friends? 4:44
Why Cant We Be Friends 3:02
Why Cant We Be Friends (Jet Storms vocal Gymnastathon) 5:02
Why Cant We Be Friends (Mason Storms 2 Hottie mix) 5:38
You're Dead (live) 2:57

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