member of:Ghost (Japanese psych rock)
The Stars (Japanese psychedelic band featuring Michio Kurihara)
YBO² (guitar) (1985)
supporting artist for:Damon & Naomi
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
2018不透明度 -You Laughed Like a Water Mark-Boris with Michio Kurihara
.......additional and guitarBoris?:??
[untitled]Michio KuriharaguitarBoris26:40
1970 (Variations version)additional, guest and guitarBoris5:15
a bao a quadditional, guest and guitarBoris6:03
And You Are Thereelectric guitar and guestDamon & Naomi4:44
AngelMichio KuriharaguitarWata6:17
Arco-írisMichio Kuriharaguitar [guitarra]Boris with Michio Kurihara4:56
Attention PleaseguitarBoris5:10
Blue MoonMichio Kuriharaelectric guitarDamon & Naomi2:47
BrilhoMichio Kuriharaguitar [guitarra]Boris with Michio Kurihara4:37
Buzz-Inadditional and guitarBoris?:??
BUZZ-INMichio KuriharaguitarBoris3:08
Cloud Chamber, Part 1栗原ミチオguitarBoris with Michio Kurihara18:53
Cloud Chamber, Part 2栗原ミチオguitarBoris with Michio Kurihara17:30
Doce №1Michio Kuriharaguitar [guitarra]Boris with Michio Kurihara6:53
Don't ForgetMichio Kuriharaelectric guitarDamon & Naomi5:52
Emberselectric guitarDamon & Naomi3:29
Eulogy to Lenny BruceMichio Kuriharaelectric guitarDamon & Naomi4:39
evil stack 3additional, guest and guitarBoris0:58
Floor ShakerMichio KuriharaguitarBoris6:13
Floor Shakeradditional and guitarBoris?:??
Flower Sun Rainadditional and guitarBoris?:??
Flower Sun Rainadditional, guest and guitarBoris7:26
Helsinkielectric guitar and guestDamon & Naomi4:25
How Do I Say Goodbyeelectric guitar and guestDamon & Naomi3:53
howl part 1guest and guitarBoris5:28
howl part 2guest and guitarBoris7:26
I Dreamed of the CaucasusMichio Kuriharaelectric guitarDamon & Naomi4:11
Judah and the MaccabeesMichio Kuriharaelectric guitarDamon & Naomi4:49
Ka Re Ha Te Ta Sa Ki -No Ones Grieve-additional and guitarBoris?:??
Korosuadditional, guest and guitarBoris4:47
Laser Beamadditional and guitarBoris?:??
Leak -Truth, yesnoyesnoyes-additional, guest and guitarBoris4:11
Magickal ChildMichio KuriharaguitarBXI5:39
method of erroradditional, guest and guitarBoris6:55
Minha chuvaMichio Kuriharaguitar [guitarra]Boris with Michio Kurihara1:49
Missing Piecesadditional, guest and guitarBoris12:23
My Neighbor Satanadditional, guest and guitarBoris5:18
My Neighbour Satanadditional and guitarBoris?:??
Narrador da espaçonaveMichio Kuriharaguitar [guitarra]Boris with Michio Kurihara4:02
Nettles and Ivyelectric guitar and guestDamon & Naomi4:57
Opheliaelectric guitar and guestDamon & Naomi3:44
Pinkadditional and guitarBoris?:??
PINKMichio KuriharaguitarBoris4:23
RafflesiaMichio Kuriharaguitar [guitarra]Boris with Michio Kurihara5:33
RainMichio KuriharaguitarBXI5:01
Reator difusoMichio Kuriharaguitar [guitarra]Boris with Michio Kurihara3:44
SeasonsMichio KuriharaguitarBoris5:54
Shadow Boxingelectric guitar and guestDamon & Naomi4:00
Statementadditional and guitarBoris?:??
TankaMichio Kuriharaelectric guitarDamon & Naomi8:25
The Great WallMichio Kuriharaelectric guitarDamon & Naomi8:22
The Mirror PhaseMichio Kuriharaelectric guitarDamon & Naomi4:39
The New WorldMichio Kuriharaelectric guitarDamon & Naomi4:33
Você sorriu como uma marca d'águaMichio Kuriharaguitar [guitarra]Boris with Michio Kurihara7:02
Walking Backwardselectric guitar and guestDamon & Naomi4:09
What She Bringselectric guitar and guestDamon & Naomi4:44
Window Shoppingadditional, guest and guitarBoris3:57
You Were Holding an Umbrellaadditional and guitarBoris?:??
You Were Holding an Umbrellaadditional, guest and guitarBoris8:54
アロンMichio Kurihara12 string guitar朝生愛3:50
カミツレの大きな水たまりMichio Kuriharaguitar朝生愛5:01
カミツレの大きな水たまりMichio Kurihara12 string guitar朝生愛5:01
スウィート №1 -Sweet №1-Michio KuriharaguitarBoris with Michio Kurihara6:04
ティテテMichio Kuriharaguitar朝生愛4:36
となりのサターンMichio KuriharaguitarBoris6:41
となりのサターンadditional, guest and guitarBoris5:19
となりのサターンMichio Kuriharaguest and guitarBoris5:20
なつめやしMichio Kuriharaguitar朝生愛3:07
みらいMichio Kuriharaguitar朝生愛?:??
メッセージMichio KuriharaguitarBoris4:27
ラフレシア -Rafflesia-Michio KuriharaguitarBoris with Michio Kurihara5:11
不透明度 -You Laughed Like a Water Mark-Michio KuriharaguitarBoris with Michio Kurihara6:53
君は傘をさしていたMichio Kuriharaguest and guitarBoris9:19
君は傘をさしていたMichio KuriharaguitarBoris14:03
夕暮れのジャイロ -Time to Go-Michio KuriharaguitarBoris with Michio Kurihara2:31
放て!Michio KuriharaguitarBoris4:55
枯れ果てた先Michio KuriharaguitarBoris9:22
無き曲additional, guest and guitarBoris12:08
百年Michio Kuriharaguitar朝生愛3:43
知らないコルチカムMichio Kuriharaguitar朝生愛3:14
花 太陽 雨 -Flower Sun Rain-Michio KuriharaguitarBoris with Michio Kurihara7:26
花・太陽・雨Michio Kuriharaguest and guitarBoris5:36
花・太陽・雨Michio KuriharaguitarBoris9:19
虹が始まるときMichio KuriharaguitarBoris5:50
虹が始まるときadditional, guest and guitarBoris5:39
閃光へ -Shine-Michio KuriharaguitarBoris with Michio Kurihara4:47
風の12方位 -The Wind's Twelve Quarters-Michio KuriharaguitarBoris with Michio Kurihara7:12
The Earth Is BlueDamon & Naomi
...e, eu queroMichio KuriharaBoris with Michio Kurihara2:53
Arco-írisMichio KuriharaBoris with Michio Kurihara4:56
BrilhoMichio KuriharaBoris with Michio Kurihara4:37
Doce №1Michio KuriharaBoris with Michio Kurihara6:53
Minha chuvaMichio KuriharaBoris with Michio Kurihara1:49
Narrador da espaçonaveMichio KuriharaBoris with Michio Kurihara4:02
RafflesiaMichio KuriharaBoris with Michio Kurihara5:33
Reator difusoMichio KuriharaBoris with Michio Kurihara3:44
Você sorriu como uma marca d'águaMichio KuriharaBoris with Michio Kurihara7:02
...and, I want