Robert DeLeo

~ Person


member of:Delta Deep
Stone Temple Pilots
Talk Show (short‐lived US alternative rock band)
original member of:Army of Anyone (from 2005-09-29 until 2007: bass guitar)
siblings:Dean DeLeo
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
2019(You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further (Screamin’ Ray Daniels a.k.a. Ray Manzarek on vocals)bassThe Doors4:30
2019I’m Your Doctor (Screamin’ Ray Daniels a.k.a. Ray Manzarek on vocals)bassThe Doors3:57
2019Roadhouse Blues (Screamin’ Ray Daniels a.k.a. Ray Manzarek on vocals)bassThe Doors5:29
A Better Placeelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone4:59
A Song for Sleepingacoustic guitarStone Temple Pilots4:15
Ain’t Enoughelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone3:44
AtlantabassStone Temple Pilots5:19
Behindacoustic guitarTalk Show4:16
Bi‐Polar BearautoharpStone Temple Pilots5:05
Big EmptybassStone Temple Pilots4:54
Black AgainpianoStone Temple Pilots3:27
Church On TuesdaybassStone Temple Pilots3:02
Dancing Daysacoustic guitar and bass guitarStone Temple Pilots3:54
Disappearelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone4:08
DownbassStone Temple Pilots3:51
End of the WorldpercussionTalk Show3:33
Fare Thee WellpercussionStone Temple Pilots4:22
Fare Thee Wellbass guitarStone Temple Pilots4:22
Fare Thee Wellacoustic guitarStone Temple Pilots4:22
Father Figureelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone4:04
Fill the FieldspercussionTalk Show4:14
Generationelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone3:31
GlidebassStone Temple Pilots5:02
Goodbyeelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone4:32
Heaven & Hot RodsbassStone Temple Pilots3:28
Hello It’s Lateacoustic guitar, keyboard and percussionStone Temple Pilots4:22
Hideacoustic guitarTalk Show3:30
HidepercussionTalk Show3:30
Hollywood Bitchguitar and percussionStone Temple Pilots2:44
I Didn’t Know the Timebass guitarStone Temple Pilots5:31
I Got YoubassStone Temple Pilots4:18
It Doesn’t Seem to Matterelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone3:52
Janie’s Got a GunbassSteven Tyler3:29
Leave Itelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone4:27
MC5bassStone Temple Pilots2:44
Miles Awaynylon guitarStone Temple Pilots4:56
Miles AwayMarxophoneStone Temple Pilots4:56
Miles Awaybass guitarStone Temple Pilots4:56
Miles AwaykeyboardStone Temple Pilots4:56
Morning GirlpercussionTalk Show3:30
Never MeantorganAlien Ant Farm3:06
No Way OutbassStone Temple Pilots4:22
Non Stopelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone3:58
Only Dying (demo edit)bassStone Temple Pilots4:43
Out of Timebass guitarStone Temple Pilots3:04
Peeling an Orangeadditional and guitarTalk Show3:35
PerdidakeyboardStone Temple Pilots3:29
Perdidanylon guitarStone Temple Pilots3:29
Perdidabass guitarStone Temple Pilots3:29
Perdidabass guitar [6-string bass guitar]Stone Temple Pilots3:29
PerdidapercussionStone Temple Pilots3:29
PrunobassStone Temple Pilots3:17
RevolutionbassStone Temple Pilots3:39
Sex & ViolencebassStone Temple Pilots2:56
Sex Type Thing (demo)bassStone Temple Pilots3:24
She’s My Queenacoustic guitarStone Temple Pilots4:41
She’s My QueenMarxophoneStone Temple Pilots4:41
She’s My Queenbass guitarStone Temple Pilots4:41
She’s My QueenpercussionStone Temple Pilots4:41
So LongxylophoneTalk Show3:38
So LongpercussionTalk Show3:38
Sour GirlbassStone Temple Pilots4:18
Stop Look and Listenelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone3:52
Sunburstbass guitarStone Temple Pilots6:28
This Wasn’t Supposed to Happenelectric bass guitarArmy of Anyone5:23
Three Wishesbass guitarStone Temple Pilots4:51
Transmissions From a Lonely Roomelectric sitarStone Temple Pilots3:16
Wash Me DownpercussionTalk Show3:47
Wash Me Downadditional and guitarTalk Show3:47
Wicked Garden (live, 1993‐11‐17: Sony Studios, New York, NY, USA)bassStone Temple Pilots4:19
Wonderfulacoustic guitar and keyboardStone Temple Pilots3:48
Yearsbass guitarStone Temple Pilots3:30
Yearsnylon guitarStone Temple Pilots3:30
You Found Yourself While Losing Your Heartbass guitarStone Temple Pilots5:43
A Better Placebackground vocalsArmy of Anyone4:59
Ain’t Enoughbackground vocalsArmy of Anyone3:44
Disappearbackground vocalsArmy of Anyone4:08
Everybody Loves My Carbackground vocalsTalk Show3:17
Father Figurebackground vocalsArmy of Anyone4:04
Fill the Fieldsbackground vocalsTalk Show4:14
Generationbackground vocalsArmy of Anyone3:31
Glowbackground vocalsAlien Ant Farm3:17
Goodbyebackground vocalsArmy of Anyone4:32
It Doesn’t Seem to Matterbackground vocalsArmy of Anyone3:52
Leave Itbackground vocalsArmy of Anyone4:27
Morning Girlbackground vocalsTalk Show3:30
Non Stopbackground vocalsArmy of Anyone3:58
Out of Timebackground vocalsStone Temple Pilots3:04
Revolutionbackground vocalsStone Temple Pilots3:39
So Longbackground vocalsTalk Show3:38
Stop Look and Listenbackground vocalsArmy of Anyone3:52
This Wasn’t Supposed to Happenbackground vocalsArmy of Anyone5:23
Tia Lupébackground vocalsAlien Ant Farm4:01
Yearslead vocalsStone Temple Pilots3:30
Corebass guitarStone Temple Pilots
Corebass guitarStone Temple Pilots
Corebass guitarStone Temple Pilots
Corebass guitarStone Temple Pilots
Purple / Corebass guitarStone Temple Pilots
Shangri‐La Dee Dabass guitarStone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilotsbass guitarStone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple PilotsStone Temple Pilots
truANTDeLeo Bros.Alien Ant Farm
A Better Place
Ain't Enough
And So I Know
Art School Girl
Big Bang Baby
Black Again
Dead & Bloated
Everybody Loves My Car
Hello It's Late
Hollywood Bitch
I Got You
Interstate Love Song
It Doesn't Seem to Matter
Kitchenware & Candybars
Lady Picture Show
Lounge Fly
Meadow (Stone Temple Pilots)
Naked Sunday
No Way Out
Non Stop
Piece of Pie
Sex & Violence
Silvergun Superman
Still Remains
Stop Look and Listen
Transmissions From a Lonely Room
Wet My Bed
Wicked Garden
A Song for Sleeping
Already Gone
Black Heart
Cry Cry
Fare Thee Well
Father Figure
Finest Hour
Forget Forever
Good Shoes
InYerFace Love Song
Just a Little Lie
Middle of Nowhere
Miles Away
Never Enough
Only Dying
Out of Time
Reds & Blues
Roll Me Under
Same on the Inside
She’s My Queen
Six Eight
The Art of Letting Go
Thought She’d Be Mine