Avengers (USA punk band)

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members: James Calvin Wilsey (bass guitar) (1977 – 1979)
Brad Kent (guitar) (1979)
Penelope Houston (lead vocals) (1999)
Greg Ingraham (guitar) (1999)
Dan Panic (membranophone) (1999)
Joel Reader (bass guitar) (1999)
Penelope Houston (lead vocals) (2004 –)
Luis Illades (membranophone) (2004 –)
Greg Ingraham (guitar) (2004 –)
Joel Reader (bass guitar) (2004 –)
original members: Jonathon Postal (bass guitar) (1977)
Penelope Houston (lead vocals) (1977 – 1979)
Greg Ingraham (guitar) (1977 – 1979)
Danny O’Brien (US punk drummer, formerly of Avengers) (membranophone) (1977 – 1979)
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Date Title
Car Crash
Corpus Christi
Fuck You
I Believe in Me
No Martyr
Open Your Eyes
Second to None
The American in Me
Thin White Line
Uh Oh
White Nigger