Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(Morpheus) The Dreamlord Septic Flesh FR33T1227408 2 6:52
3rd Testament (Codex Omega) Septicflesh 4:08
A Great Mass of Death Septic Flesh FR33T1022902 4 4:47
A Great Mass of Death SepticFlesh 4:27
A Great Mass Of Death Septicflesh 5:19
A Prototype in Heaven Septicflesh FR33T1332512 4:51
Age of New Messiahs Septic Flesh 4:16
Android Septic Flesh 0:14
Annubis Septic Flesh 4:20
Another Reality Septic Flesh 4:35
Another Reality Septic Flesh FR33T1227411 4:41
Anubis Septicflesh FR33T0717402 4 4:18
Anubis Septic Flesh 4:19
Anubis Septicflesh 4:52
Anubis (Orchestral Version) Septicflesh 3:56
Apocalypse Septic Flesh FR33T1022908 4 3:56
Apocalypse SepticFlesh 3:34
Arctic Circle Septic Flesh 4:33
Astral Sea Septic Flesh FR33T1328604 0:30
Babel's Gate Septicflesh FR33T0717404 2:58
Behind the Iron Mask Septic Flesh FR33T1227407 3:11
Behold... the Land of Promise Septic Flesh FR33T0818301 2:11
Breaking the Inner Seal Septic Flesh FR33T1328601 0:49
Brotherhood of the Fallen Knights Septic Flesh FR33T1328801 5:12
Brotherhood of the Fallen Knights (live) Septicflesh FR33T1328614 4:43
Burn Septicflesh FR33T1332502 3 3:17
Burning Phoenix Septic Flesh FR33T1328603 4:39
Celebration Septic Flesh FR33T1328607 0:52
Chaostar Septic Flesh 5:10
Chasing the Chimera Septic Flesh FR33T1227405 4:50
Communion Septicflesh FR33T0717403 3:25
Confessions of a Serial Killer Septicflesh FR33T1332508 4:51
Crescent Moon Septic Flesh FR33T1227404 8:23
Crescent Moon (live) Septicflesh FR33T1328613 6:14
Curse of Death Septic Flesh 5:37
Dante’s Inferno Septicflesh 5:34
Dark Art Septicflesh 5:24
Dark River Septic Flesh FR33T0818307 3:57
Dark Testament Septicflesh 7:51
Dictatorship of the Mediocre Septic Flesh 4:16
DNA Septic Flesh 3:18
Dogma Septicflesh FR33T1332505 4:04
Dogma of Prometheus Septicflesh FR33T1332511 7:10
Enchantment Septic Flesh FR33T1328711 0:50
Enemy of Truth Septicflesh 4:55
Erebus Septic Flesh FR33T1328808 3:19
Erebus Septic Flesh FR33T1227410 5:26
Esoptron Septic Flesh FR33T1328602 5:20
Faceless Queen Septicflesh 5:20
Faust Septic Flesh FR33T0818304 5:10
Finale Septic Flesh 3:08
Finale Septicflesh FR33T1328813 3:07
Five-Pointed Star Septic Flesh FR33T1022904 4 4:33
Five-Pointed Star SepticFlesh 2:49
Five-Pointed Star Septicflesh 6:17
Forgotten Path Septic Flesh 7:20
Forgotten Path (live) Septic Flesh 7:08
Geometry in Static Septic Flesh FR33T1328708 5:23
Ground Zero Septicflesh FR33T1332509 3:55
Heaven Below Septic Flesh FR33T1328710 5:42
Ice Castle Septic Flesh FR33T1328606 5:53
Infernal Sun Septic Flesh FR33T0818311 3:27
Intro Septic Flesh 1:07
Last Stop to Nowhere Septic Flesh 5:37
Little Music Box Septic Flesh 5:30
Lovecraft's Death Septicflesh FR33T0717401 4:08
Mad Architect Septic Flesh FR33T1022909 4 3:36
Mad Architect SepticFlesh 3:30
Magic Loves Infinity Septic Flesh FR33T0818308 3:59
Marble Smiling Face Septic Flesh FR33T1328803 4:28
Martyr Septicflesh 5:07
Martyr of Truth Septicflesh 11:37
Mechanical Babylon Septic Flesh FR33T0818310 4:56
Melting Brains Septic Flesh 5:12
Melting Brains (live) Septic Flesh 3:37
Microcosmos Septic Flesh FR33T1328707 1:33
Misery's King Septic Flesh 3:59
Mystic Places of Dawn Septic Flesh FR33T1227401 6:11
Mystic Places of Dawn Septic Flesh 6:14
Mythos Septic Flesh FR33T1227409 8:45
Narcissism Septic Flesh FR33T1328611 8:53
Narcissus Septicflesh FR33T0717409 3:59
Nephilim Sons Septic Flesh 5:16
Oceans of Grey Septic Flesh FR33T1022905 4 5:12
Oceans of Grey SepticFlesh 5:00
On the Topmost Step of the Earth Septic Flesh FR33T1328706 6:41
On the Topmost Step of the Earth Septic Flesh 6:42
On the Topmost Step of the Earth (unreleased mix) Septicflesh FR33T1328714 6:39
Order of a Serial Killer Septicflesh FR33T1332514 3:45
Order of Dracul Septicflesh FR33T1332503 4 3:33
Our Church, Below the Sea Septicflesh 3:59
Outro Septic Flesh 1:26
Pale Beauty of the Past Septic Flesh FR33T1227402 5:57
Persepolis Septicflesh FR33T0717407 6:08
Persepolis SepticFlesh 4:22
Persepolis Septicflesh 6:42
Phallic Litanies Septic Flesh FR33T1328703 5:53
Phallic Litanies (unreleased mix) Septicflesh FR33T1328713 5:53
Portrait of a Headless Man Septicflesh 5:00
Portrait of a Headless Man (orchestral version) Septicflesh 5:22

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