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Also performs as: The Groop (production alias for Stereolab)



1993Transient Random‐Noise Bursts With AnnouncementsStereolab37
1994Mars Audiac QuintetStereolab47
1996Emperor Tomato KetchupStereolab4.18
1997Dots and LoopsStereolab3.48
1999Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky NightStereolab3.59
2004Margerine EclipseStereolab47
2007Eaten Horizons or the Electrocution of RockStereolab21
2008Chemical ChordsStereolab47
2010Not MusicStereolab33

Album + Compilation

1992Switched OnStereolab7
1995Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On, Volume 2)Stereolab3
1998Aluminum TunesStereolab6
2005Oscillons From the Anti-SunStereolab2
2006Fab Four SutureStereolab2
2006Serene Velocity: A Stereolab AnthologyStereolab3
2018Switched On Volumes 1–3Stereolab1
2021Electrically Possessed [Switched On Volume 4]Stereolab4
2022Pulse of the Early Brain [Switched On Volume 5]Stereolab3

Album + Live

2002ABC Music: Radio 1 SessionsStereolab2


1991Stunning Debut AlbumStereolab1
1992Harmonium / FarfisaStereolab1
1992The Light That Will Cease to Fail / Au Grand JourStereolab1
1993John Cage BubblegumStereolab2
1993Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys? / MountainUnrest / Stereolab1
1993French DiskoStereolab2
1994Klang ToneStereolab1
1995Stereolab / The Cat’s MiaowStereolab / The Cat's Miaow1
1995Soul Kiss Glide Divine / Tone Burst / TempterSpectrum / Stereolab1
1996Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop / The Long Hair of DeathYo La Tengo / Stereolab1
1996Metronomic Underground / PercolationsStereolab1
1996Stereolab / FüxaStereolab / Füxa1
1996Überschall 1996Stereolab / Foetus / Faust1
1996Vaus / Speedy CarTortoise / Stereolab1
1997Iron Man / The Incredible He WomanStereolab1
1997Simple Headphone MindStereolab & Nurse With Wound1
1997Stereolab / FuguStereolab / Fugu1
1998ABC (The Multitude) / Freestyle DumpingStereolab1
1999Caliméro / Cache CacheStereolab & Brigitte Fontaine / Monade1
1999The In SoundStereolab1
2000Household NamesStereolab2
2001Free Witch and No-Bra QueenStereolab1
2004Rose, My Rocket-Brain!Stereolab1
2005Kyberneticka BabickaStereolab2
2005Plastic MileStereolab1
2006Solar Throw-AwayStereolab1
2006Excursions Into "oh, a-oh" / "Get a Shot of the Refrigerator"Stereolab1
2006Eye of the VolcanoStereolab1
2006Whisper PitchStereolab1
2008Three WomenStereolab1
2008Spool of CollusionStereolab1
2008Explosante fixeStereolab2
2019Freestyle DumplingStereolab1
2019The Flower Called NowhereStereolab1
2019Come and Play in the Milky NightStereolab1
2019Baby LuluStereolab1
2019Mass RiffStereolab1
2020Dimension M2Stereolab1
2021The Super ItStereolab1
2022Robot RiotStereolab1
2022Simple Headphone Mind / Trippin' With the BirdsStereolab1
2022Cybele's Reverie (live at the Hollywood Bowl)Stereolab1

Single + Live

1994Inside Dave’s Garage, Volume TwoStereolab / Scrawl1

Single + Remix

1998Refractions in the Plastic PulseStereolab1


1991Super 45Stereolab1
1992Low FiStereolab2
1993The Groop Played “Space Age Batchelor Pad Music”Stereolab5
1993Jenny OndiolineStereolab3
1993Crumb DuckStereolab & Nurse With Wound3
1994Ping PongStereolab1
1994Wow and FlutterStereolab1
1995Music for the Amorphous Body Study CenterCharles Long & Stereolab1
1996Cybele's ReverieStereolab1
1997Miss ModularStereolab2
1999The Free DesignStereolab2
1999The Underground Is ComingStereolab1
2000The First of the Microbe HuntersStereolab3
2001Captain EasychordStereolab1
2003Instant 0 in the UniverseStereolab5

EP + Remix

1998Miss Modular RemixesStereolab1

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