Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Wish We Spoke 3:47
Along the Shore 4:53
Cast in the Brine 5:30
Castle Walls 4:40
Fits and Starts 5:57
Like Home 3:49
Like Home USA2B0865901 3:41
Nothing Glorious 5:02
O, Astoria! 4:24
Our Changing Skins 4:38
Sleeping in Our Clothes 4:22
Somehow Bound 3:52
The Lighthouse and the Hourglass 3:59
The Man Who Sleeps 4:14
The Open Sea 5:00
The Propellors 5:39
The Shaker's Cask 6:10
The Things That I Know 4:25
The World of Silence 3:43
Two Friends Like Us 3:32
Two Friends Like Us 3:31
Under Glass 3:46

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