Blow-Up (1970-80s L.A. band: Jody Taylor Worth, Pat DiPuccio, et al.)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
20th Century Boy (live, 1988-03-30: S.I.R., 6465 Sunset Boulevard, L.A., USA) 5:13
Back in the Rain 5:03
Beat the Devil 3:56
Beat The Devil [Unreleased Version - Bonus Track] ?:??
Central Park n' West (live, 1986-08-07: The Roxy Theatre, 9009 West Sunset Boulevard, LA, USA) 5:11
Downtown (Johansen/Thunders) ?:??
Easy Knowledge 3:56
Easy Knowledge (J.Worth/D.Payne) ?:??
Fatal Attraction 4:50
Hanging Out at the 7-Eleven 4:12
Hanging Out at the 7-Eleven (J.Worth) ?:??
It’s A Crime (J.Worth/P.DiPuccio) ?:??
Kicking Up a Fuss (main Title Theme) 4:00
Local Hero [Bonus Track] ?:??
Reckless Hearts 4:38
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (Cobb) ?:??
Souvenir 4:09
Souvenir [Bonus Track] ?:??
Sweet Jane (live, 1987-11-30: Madame Wong’s West, 2900 Wilshire, Santa Monica, California, USA) 5:56
Tell It to the Judge 5:14
There's a War Going On 4:02
There’s A War Going On (J.Worth/D.Payne) ?:??
Visions of Johanna (live, 1988-02-28: Club Lingerie, 6507 Sunset Boulevard, LA, USA) 6:12
Watching Watching 3:42
Watching Watching (Worth/Nicholson) ?:??
We're So Cool 5:18
We're So Cool (J.Worth) ?:??
You Beat Me To The Punch [Bonus Track] ?:??
You're So Dangerous 4:49

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