Esben and the Witch (Brighton-based trio)

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Esben & The Witch are a trio from Brighton. Rachel takes charge of caterwauling, Thomas the guitar and Daniel the electrics.

Sequenced beats and sounds flow beneath glacial guitars and sweeping synths. Meanwhile drums, cymbal and glockenspiel thread their way through the songs. The sound is something like nightmare-pop and it plays steadily through hidden speakers. The walls of the rooms it inhabits are covered in cartography, illuminated by dusty lamps and flickering chains of fairy lights. Globes sway slowly on their axis as the forest outside closes in on the confines of the room and the owls begin to screech as the walls fall away and the lights begin to fade...

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2011Violet CriesEsben and the Witch8
2013Wash the Sins Not Only the FaceEsben and the Witch4
2014A New NatureEsben and the Witch2
2016Older TerrorsEsben and the Witch2
2018NowhereEsben and the Witch3

Album + Live

2017Live at RoadburnEsben and the Witch2


2010Lucia, at the PrecipiceEsben and the Witch1
2010Marching SongEsben and the Witch2
2010WarpathEsben and the Witch2
2011ChoreaEsben and the Witch2
2012DeathwaltzEsben and the Witch1
2014No Dog / ButohEsben and the Witch1
2014Blood TeachingsEsben and the Witch1


200933Esben and the Witch52
2011Hexagons EPEsben and the Witch1
2013Wash the Sins Not Only the Face RemixesEsben and the Witch1
2014Thought Forms / Esben and the WitchThought Forms / Esben and the Witch51
2014And New Life Blossoms From the RuinsEsben and the Witch1
2015We Melted the Wax, Now We Can SeeEsben and the Witch2

EP + Remix

2013Wash the Sins Not Only the Face (Remixes)Esben and the Witch1

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