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The Best of Napalm DeathNapalm Death
graphic design
ScumNapalm Death
Scum (lime green (yellow) cover)Napalm Death
ScumNapalm Death
ScumNapalm Death
ScumNapalm Death
ScumNapalm Death
Scum (20th Anniversary Edition)Napalm Death
ScumNapalm Death
ScumNapalm Death
liner notes
1994-08EarpluggedVarious Artists
All That RemainsBolt Thrower4:39
As the Machine Rolls OnNapalm Death0:43
C.S.Napalm Death1:14
Cause and EffectNapalm Death1:25
Common EnemyNapalm Death0:16
Dark MillenniumBolt Thrower2:59
DeceiverNapalm Death0:29
Divine DeathNapalm Death1:21
DragnetNapalm Death1:01
Drowned in TormentBolt Thrower3:05
Eternal WarBolt Thrower2:08
IntroBolt Thrower1:17
Life?Napalm Death0:44
Lost Souls DomainBolt Thrower4:13
M.A.D.Napalm Death1:36
Mentally MurderedNapalm Death2:10
Moral CrusadeNapalm Death1:33
Negative ApproachNapalm Death0:33
No Mental EffortNapalm Death4:12
OutroBolt Thrower0:59
ParasitesNapalm Death0:24
Plague BearerBolt Thrower2:54
Point of No ReturnNapalm Death0:35
Prison Without WallsNapalm Death0:38
Prophet of HatredBolt Thrower3:52
Pseudo YouthNapalm Death0:42
Realm of ChaosBolt Thrower2:50
Rise AboveNapalm Death2:41
StigmatisedNapalm Death1:03
Success?Napalm Death1:09
The Missing LinkNapalm Death2:16
Through the Eye of TerrorBolt Thrower4:22
Walls of ConfinementNapalm Death2:56
World EaterBolt Thrower4:55
Altars of MadnessMorbid Angel
Altars of MadnessMorbid Angel
Altars of MadnessMorbid Angel
Altars of MadnessMorbid Angel
Earplugged 2executiveVarious Artists