John Waite

~ Person


member of: The Babys (late 70s UK rock/pop group)
Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band
original member of: Bad English (lead vocals) (1987 – 1991)
supporting electric guitar by: Keri Kelli (2012 – 2014)
supporting keyboard by: Buck Johnson (2001 – 2002)
has personal publisher: Paperwaite Music
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Best of What I Got
Forget Me Not
Ghost in Your Heart
Heaven Is a 4 Letter Word
Missing You
Price of Love
Ready When You Are
Restless Heart
Rockin' Horse
The Restless Ones
Tough Times Don't Last
You (Got It)
California bass The Babys 4:00
Head First bass The Babys 3:59
I Was One bass The Babys 3:29
Missing You bass guitar [bass] Alison Krauss & John Waite 4:41
Please Don’t Leave Me bass The Babys 5:09
Run to Mexico bass The Babys 4:34
White Lightning bass The Babys 3:20
You (Got It) bass The Babys 4:38
Invisible Man
Missing You
Restless Heart
You (Got It)
Missing You Alison Krauss & John Waite 4:41
No Brakes John Waite
Anytime lead vocals The Babys 3:22
Back on My Feet Again lead vocals The Babys 3:18
California lead vocals The Babys 4:00
Dancing Off the Edge of the World lead vocals Bad English 4:54
Dark Side of the Sun lead vocals John Waite 4:00
Dreamtime / Shake It Up lead vocals John Waite 5:11
Euroshima lead vocals John Waite 5:08
Every Time I Think of You lead vocals The Babys 4:02
For Your Love lead vocals John Waite 3:41
Head First lead vocals The Babys 3:59
I Was One lead vocals The Babys 3:29
In Your Eyes lead vocals The Babys 4:05
Invisible Man lead vocals Jonathan Elias 4:45
Jesus, Are You There? lead vocals The Babys 3:34
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door background vocals Warren Zevon 4:05
Lay Down Beside Me Alison Krauss & John Waite 4:59
Life at the Top lead vocals Bad English 4:51
Love Collision lead vocals John Waite 3:53
Love Don’t Prove I’m Right lead vocals The Babys 2:46
Love Is Just a Mystery lead vocals The Babys 3:32
Make Love Last lead vocals Bad English 5:19
Midnight Rendezvous lead vocals The Babys 3:36
Missing You lead vocals John Waite 4:30
Missing You Alison Krauss & John Waite 4:41
Please Don’t Leave Me lead vocals The Babys 5:09
Pray for Rain lead vocals Bad English 5:04
Rebel Say a Prayer lead vocals Bad English 4:23
Restless Heart lead vocals John Waite 4:30
Run to Mexico lead vocals The Babys 4:34
Saturday Night lead vocals John Waite 2:47
Savage Blue lead vocals Bad English 4:34
So This Is Eden lead vocals Bad English 5:09
Straight to Your Heart lead vocals Bad English 4:09
Tears lead vocals John Waite 3:59
The Time Alone With You lead vocals Bad English 4:41
Time Stood Still lead vocals Bad English 5:23
True Love True Confession lead vocals The Babys 4:07
Turn Around in Tokyo lead vocals The Babys 3:53
Union Jacks lead vocals The Babys 5:41
White Lightning lead vocals The Babys 3:20
You (Got It) lead vocals The Babys 4:38
Bad English lead vocals Bad English
Back on My Feet Again
Can You Fall in Love Again
Dancing Off the Edge of the World
Dreamtime/Shake It Up
For Your Love
Head First
I Was One
Lay Down
Life at the Top
Love Collision
Love Don't Prove I'm Right
Make Love Last
Midnight Rendezvous
Please Don't Leave Me
Pray for Rain
Rebel Say a Prayer
Run to Mexico
Saturday Night
Savage Blue
So This Is Eden
Straight to Your Heart
The Time Alone With You
Time Stood Still
Too Far Gone