Shock (80s US disco group aka Shock USA)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Each and Every Day 4:57
Each and Every Day 4:57
Electrophonic Phunk 4:51
Electrophonic Phunk 4:50
Get Off (dance mix) 4:38
Get Off (radio mix) 3:50
Got to Have Your Love 5:14
I Think I Love You 3:59
Let Your Body Do the Talkin’ (special 12 inch disco mix) 6:09
Let's Get Crackin' 3:51
Let's Get Crackin' 3:51
Let’s Get Crackin’ 3:51
Let’s Get Crackin’ 3:35
Little Did You Know 4:12
Loosen Up 4:27
Love Fantasy 4:03
Mr. Wizard and the Funk Bomb 4:19
Shock 4:24
Shock Talk 3:17
Stand Up 4:04
Still I'm in Love 3:39
Talk About Love (dance mix) 6:54
Talk About Love (radio mix) 3:58
That's a Lady 4:10
That's a Lady 4:08
The Crack Is Back 4:29

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