James Lehman (author "The Total Transformation Program")

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Step 6: Probe (What Can You Do Next Time?) 1:16
Step 7: Ask Kid To Choose. 1:42
Step 8: Consequences And Amends 1:53
Stop The Show 1:32
Summary/Conclusion 1:02
The 'Victim Stance' (Characteristic #1) 1:36
The Blame Game 0:34
There's A Concept Called 'The Good Enough Parent' 1:14
Think Of Your Family As A Business 1:49
Thoughts Create Feelings (Such As Anger) 3:42
Ticket Puncher: "You're OK..." (even when he's not) 4:16
Training and Coaching Role 15:21
Transition Time 1:18
Uniqueness 1:34
Uniqueness: 'You Don't Understand!' (Characteristic #3) 2:32
Use Consequences To Get Honesty 0:51
Use Direct Statements 1:39
Use Of 'One-Way Boundaries' (Characteristic #4) 1:29
Use Responsible Love And Concern 0:55
Use Selective Attention 1:40
Use Single-Issue Focus 3:31
Use Strategic Recognition And Affection 1:40
Use Strategic Recognition And Affection 1:59
Visualizing an ideal child 1:51
What About Self-Esteem? 1:53
Why Do Parents Always Have To Respond To The Outbursts Of The Moment? 1:36

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