Name ISRCs Rating Length
Battlefield Aenaon 4:35
Before The Gates Of Ishtar 2:31
Blades in the Night 4:34
Death Behind The Walls 4:33
Gates of Fire 11:40
Golden Shields In The Sky 1:37
Heart Of The Ocean (Nearchus Advancing) 2:40
Heroic Spirit 3:26
Hordes of Evil 4:28
Land of the Braves 3:35
Legends Never Die 1:14
Macedonian Force 5:33
Marching To War 4:21
New God Rising (At The Oracle Of Siwa) 2:42
Oracle 3:38
Phalanx Invicta 1:46
Ride Through The Achaemenid Empire 5:12
Sacred Blood 4:42
Spartan Warlord 5:52
The Apotheosis Of Alexander 0:39
The Battle Of The Granicus (Persian In Throes) 6:22
The Bold Prince Of Macedonia 5:55
The Defenders of Thermopylae 3:23
The Warrior's Scion 1:48
Warrior's Song 4:10

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