Duane Eddy

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1958Have ‘Twangy’ Guitar Will TravelDuane Eddy4
1960Songs of Our HeritageDuane Eddy3
1961Girls! Girls! Girls!Duane Eddy1
1962Dance With The Guitar ManDuane Eddy3
1962Twangy Guitar Silky StringsDuane Eddy2
1962Twistin' 'N' Twangin'Duane Eddy24
1963"Twang" A Country SongDuane Eddy2
1963"Twangin'" Up a Storm!Duane Eddy1
1964Lonely GuitarDuane Eddy2
1964Water SkiingDuane Eddy3
1965TwangsvilleDuane Eddy1
1966The Biggest Twang of Them AllDuane Eddy1
1967Tokyo Hits / Dynamic Guitar in TokyoDuane Eddy1
1973Pure GoldDuane Eddy2
1975Guitar ManDuane Eddy1
1987Duane EddyDuane Eddy1
1989Rockin' The Guitar With Duane EddyDuane Eddy1
1994Rebel RouserDuane Eddy1
1999Ghost RiderDuane Eddy1
1999The Best of Duane Eddy [Curb]Duane Eddy1
2001Guitar ManDuane Eddy1
2011Road TripDuane Eddy1
2017Loco‐LocomotionDuane Eddy1
2019He’s a RebelDuane Eddy1
2019Master of TwangDuane Eddy1
2020Rebel RouserDuane Eddy2
2020Good Rockin’ Tonight with Duane EddyDuane Eddy1
The King of TwangDuane Eddy1

Album + Compilation

1965Twangin' the Golden HitsDuane Eddy1
1973Legends of RockDuane Eddy1
1980Twenty Terrific TwangiesDuane Eddy1
198420 Greatest HitsDuane Eddy3
198621 Greatest HitsDuane Eddy3
1986Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel / $1.000.000 Worth of TwangDuane Eddy1
1989The Guitar Man: 20 Classic TracksDuane Eddy1
19922Gether On 1 Volume 1: Dance With The Guitar Man / TwangsvilleDuane Eddy1
1993The Best Of The RCA YearsDuane Eddy1
1993Twang Thang: The Duane Eddy AnthologyDuane Eddy1
1994His Twangy Guitar / The RebelsDuane Eddy32
1994That Classic TwangDuane Eddy1
1994Twangin' From Phoenix to L.A.Duane Eddy1
1996Shazam!Duane Eddy1
1997Boss GuitarDuane Eddy1
1998Twangin' The Golden Hits / Twang A Country SongDuane Eddy1
1999Deep in the Heart of Twangsville: The Complete RCA Victor RecordingsDuane Eddy1
2003Dance With the Guitar Man: 18 Greatest HitsDuane Eddy1
2004The Best of Duane EddyDuane Eddy1
2005American Legends: The Guitar ManDuane Eddy2
2005The Best of Duane Eddy: 20 Classic HitsDuane Eddy1
2006Greatest HitsDuane Eddy1
2008Dance With the Guitar Man / Twangin' Up a StormDuane Eddy1
2008Twenty Terrific Twangies / Water SkiingDuane Eddy1
201020th Century Rock & Roll ArtistsDuane Eddy1
2010Movin' 'N' Groovin'Duane Eddy1
2011The Best of Duane EddyDuane Eddy1
20126 Classic AlbumsDuane Eddy1
2012RocksDuane Eddy1
2015The Very Best of Duane EddyDuane Eddy1
2017Guitar Star: The Complete RCA Singles A's & B'sDuane Eddy1
2019Because They're YoungDuane Eddy2
16 Great Guitar HitsDuane Eddy1
Best OfDuane Eddy1
Duane a Go Go / Duane Does DylanDuane Eddy1
The Best of Duane EddyDuane Eddy1
The Biggest Twang of Them All/The Roaring TwangiesDuane Eddy1


1958Moovin' n' Groovin' / Up and DownDuane Eddy1
1958Rebel-'Rouser / Stalkin'Duane Eddy and His “Twangy” Guitar51
1959Because They're YoungDuane Eddy1
1959Peter Gunn / Yep!Duane Eddy1
1962Deep in The Heart of TexasDuane Eddy1
1968Peter GunnDuane Eddy1
1975Love ConfusionDuane Eddy1


1960Because They're YoungDuane Eddy1


2011Greatest HitsDuane Eddy1
2014The Guitar ManDuane Eddy1

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