Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Touch of Romance Prince Charming 3:29
A Very Special Offer Prince Charming 6:32
A Very Special Offer Prince Charming 6:28
Black Goat of the Woods With 1000 Rainbow Eyes Prince Charming 1:36
Bush Gardens Prince Charming 2:12
Crews of Crazed Contortionists Infected Egypyologists Absorbed in Photo Synthesis Under the Broken Obelisks Prince Charming 4:08
Daydream, Do You Want a Hit of Ketamine? Prince Charming 2:26
Daytona 2024 (Bikini Beach Work Out and Massage) Prince Charming 5:08
Dr. Detroit Prince Charming 2:38
Eating Sweetheart Valentine Candy-Gram Vertebrae Prince Charming 2:38
Eclipsed by Sadness Sitting by Myself in the Park Introspectively a Bullet-Proof Plexi-Glass Bubble Canopy Protects Me as Angry April Angelfish Meteor Showers of Comets of Question Mark Krill Spill Past Spiraling Fictitious Megalithic Alien Orbs Absorbing Prince Charming 3:32
Everything Goes When the Whistle Blows (War of Phantom Satellites Panther Girl Prototypes Kleptomaniac First Strike You're All Fucking Suspect Exhibit A: Gold Tooth Ceremonial Peep Booth Licking Mangled Memories of Humanoid Prostitutes) Prince Charming 4:02
Fantastic Voyage Prince Charming 8:03
Fresh Prince of Belle Isle Prince Charming 5:08
Hot Dripping Zippers Unzipping Lost in the Clouds of Billowing Aphrodisiac Nerve Gas in the Heat Chambers Strapped With Strap on Millipedes Spider Rapist Assault Tag Teams Teach Savage Ravishing Rhapsodies Shapely Slips Slither to the Floor in Pools of D Prince Charming 5:34
Iconoclastiphia Prince Charming 0:48
Juke Joint Pipe Dreams of Ominous Unkempt Sinister Landscapes of Slithering Shadows of Strung Out Side Show Sirens Chronological Swamp Current Carrier Waves Rewinding Prince Charming 3:42
Jump Cut To: Synchronously Swimming Sleek, Glistening Jellyfish Prostitutes Undulating to the Savage Pagan Bongo Rythms of a Hotel Extravaganza of Break-Dancing Bornean Head-Hunting Gangbangers Out on Parole for Smoking Crystalline Blue Frog Eggs in the M Prince Charming 4:26
Like a Flickering Celluloid Moonbeam on the View Screen Prince Charming 3:07
Magic Lanterns of Perversion Prince Charming 1:33
Metamorphosizing Motel Room Marquerades Prince Charming 3:28
Midnight Massacre / Whoreship in the Temple Prince Charming 3:35
My Hand Is Quicker Than the Eye Prince Charming 1:40
Never Let Me Go Kortnee Simmons feat. Prince Charming 3:35
Prince Charming Goes Bananas Prince Charming 5:14
Prince Charming's Aleph Prince Charming 5:33
Psychotropical Heatwave Prince Charming 4:08
Roma Caput Mundi Prince Charming 3:16
Sacrament Prince Charming 5:38
Sexual Supercollider Prince Charming 2:52
Shrouded Wraith-Like Rain Cloud Sentinel Dragon Lobster Sky Demon Phantom Flyers Losing Altitude in Jaded Jade Aquariums Criss-Crossing Emotional Oceans Ill-Illusions Crab-Like Equipment Escapes in the Confusion Burning Manuscripts of Recent Observations Prince Charming 4:29
Spider Monkey Snuff Flicks of Black Magic Projectionists Prince Charming 4:24
Stroboscopic Searchlights Sweeping Tide Pools of Parasites Prince Charming 4:10
Transcendental Expectorations Prince Charming 6:51
Vagabond of Love Prince Charming 1:18
We Bouncin Couch, on the Slouch for the Pouch Prince Charming 1:37

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