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This Special Purpose Artist should only be used if no artist of discographic relevance has been attributed to a piece of work.

This is a Special Purpose Artist.

For some reason, a lot of releases are also listed under Dan Gibson.

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1960Command Stereo Check Out[no artist]1
1975A Living Legend Bigfoot Sounds Off![no artist]1
1989The Wilderness[no artist]1
1990Jupiter: NASA - Voyager Space Sounds[no artist]1
1990Miranda: NASA - Voyager Space Sounds[no artist]1
1990Neptune: NASA - Voyager Space Sounds[no artist]1
1990Rings of Uranus: NASA - Voyager Space Sounds[no artist]1
1990Saturn's Rings: NASA - Voyager Space Sounds[no artist]1
1990Sphere of Io: NASA - Voyager Space Sounds[no artist]1
1990Saturn: NASA - Voyager Space Sounds[no artist]1
1990Uranus: NASA - Voyager Space Sounds[no artist]1
1990Voice Of Earth I: NASA Space Recordings Of Earth[no artist]1
19926031 - SportsSound Ideas1
19926033 - TrasportationSound Ideas1
19926037 - Misc S-ZSound Ideas1
19926038 - Sound designer (Frank Serafine)Sound Ideas1
1992Rain Forest[no artist]1
1992Sound Ideas: CD 6007Sound Ideas1
1992Sound Ideas: CD 6008Sound Ideas1
1992Sound Ideas: CD 6010Sound Ideas1
1992Sound Ideas: CD 6018Sound Ideas1
1992Sound Ideas: CD 6021Sound Ideas1
1992Sound Ideas 6000 General: 6027 - Music PercussionSound Ideas1
1993Watersounds: Ocean Waves[nature sounds]1
1994Sea So Serene[nature sounds]1
1994Thunderstorm[nature sounds]1
1995Rubie’s Spooky Sounds![no artist]51
1995Voices of the Earth - Whales & DolphinsRainforest Alliance2
1996The Eye of the StormMoods of Nature1
1996Voices of the EarthRainforest Alliance1
1997African Soundscapes[nature sounds]1
1997Sons de la nature : Orages & éclairs[nature sounds]1
2000Music for Relaxation: Tropical Rain Forest[nature sounds]1
2002Flûte de pan - les grands thèmes[no artist]1
2006Serene Streams[nature sounds]1
2008100 Greatest Personalities[no artist]1
2012Dream Surf: Ocean Waves for Relaxation (Sounds of Nature)Relaxing Sounds of Nature1
2014The Blackbird: Sound Portraits of the Blackbird in Song[nature sounds]1
2017Burza i gradobicieSzara Reneta1
2022:0[no artist]1
2023A Bite of Bread and a Handful of OlivesIka Vi'akatī's Chorós featuring coryphaeus David Dellacroce1
6002 - Aviation #2Sound Ideas1
6023 - Industry/JungleSound Ideas1
6022 - IndustrySound Ideas1
6016Sound Ideas1
6011 Construction 1Sound Ideas1
6024 MarineSound Ideas1
6026 MotorcyclesSound Ideas1
6029Sound Ideas1
6030 - Restaurants-StoresSound Ideas1
6034 - TrafficSound Ideas1
6035 WaterSound Ideas1
6036 - WeatherSound Ideas1
6039 - Sound Designer-Mike McDonoughSound Ideas1
6029 - Outdoor SoundsSound Ideas1
6032 - Misc H-RSound Ideas1
6015 FireSound Ideas1
6028 - Office[nature sounds]1
6040 - Sound designer (Alan Howarth)Sound Ideas1
7,000 Serie, 7006: Ambience 2Sound Ideas1
7,000 Serie, 7008: Ambience 2Sound Ideas1
7,000 Series, 7009: Ambience 2 (7009)Sound Ideas1
Anchors Away S1201Sound Ideas1
Allemand Débutant 1[no artist]1
Allemand Débutant[no artist]1
AP01Sound Ideas1
AP02Sound Ideas1
AP03Sound Ideas1
AP04Sound Ideas1
AP05Sound Ideas1
AP06Sound Ideas1
AP07Sound Ideas1
AP08Sound Ideas1
AP09Sound Ideas1
Audience Reactions AR01Sound Ideas1
Audience Reactions AR02Sound Ideas1
Babbling BrookMoods of Nature1
Bigfoot Discovered[no artist]1
CD 6010 - Miscellaneous A,B,C[no artist]1
CD 6012 Construction #2Sound Ideas1
CD 6119Sound Ideas1
CD 6117Sound Ideas1
CD 6116Sound Ideas1
CD3001 - EXT B/G:CITYSound Ideas Series 30001
CD 6062[nature sounds]1
CD S10-12[nature sounds]1
CD S10-13[nature sounds]1
CD S10-14[nature sounds]1
DDS01Sound Ideas The Dark Side of Sound1
DSS02Sound Ideas The Dark Side of Sound1
Decca Microgroove Frequency Test Record[no artist]1
Designer Sound LibrarySound Ideas1
Dynamic Range Sound Effects CD3Sound Ideas1
Dynamic Range Sound Effects CD4Sound Ideas1
DIS01Sound Ideas1
Forces of NatureMoods of Nature1
Fåglar i vår närhet[nature sounds]1
Humpback Whale Serenade[no artist]1
Hanna-Barbera Sound FX Library, Volume 4[no artist]1
Ideas / Power Surge 2Sound Ideas1

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