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This Special Purpose Artist should only be used if no artist of discographic relevance has been attributed to a piece of work.

This is a Special Purpose Artist.

For some reason, a lot of releases are also listed under Dan Gibson.

I think most releases under this SPA should be categorized as "Type: Other". -- HumHumXX

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1950Spooky Music for Spooky Occasions[no artist]1
1957Cloches du monastère d'En-Calcat[no artist]1
1960Sound Effects in Stereo, Vol. 1[no artist]1
1960Spook Stuff For Hallowe'en[no artist]1
1964Halloween Stereo Sounds and Music for Your Parties, Trick or Treaters & School Festivals[no artist]1
1965Tortura No. 2: The Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure[no artist]1
1966LSD[no artist]1
1969Sound Effects No. 1[no artist]1
1970Spotlight on Sound Effects[no artist]1
1973Horror Record[no artist]1
1974Sounds to Make You Shiver[no artist]1
1976Sidewalks of New York[no artist]1
1976The Bressingham Voigt[no artist]41
1984Denon Audio Technical CD[no artist]1
1985Haunted House[no artist]1
1985Night in a Graveyard: Recorded Live on the Estate of Count Dracula[no artist]2
1986Dawn And Dusk In The Ventana Wilderness[no artist]1
1986Geräusche DigitalIntercord1
1986The Ride of the Headless Horseman[no artist]1
1988100 Sound Effects[no artist]1
1989Jungle[nature sounds]1
1989The Sounds of Nature: The Cry of the Loon[nature sounds]1
1990Spectacular Sound Effects, Volume Two[no artist]1
1991NHK 四季に鳴く・森の合唱[no artist]1
1991Ambiances Tropicales[nature sounds]1
1991Ocean's Relaxing Surf[nature sounds]1
1991PopSkool[no artist]1
1991幻の音風景 水琴窟[no artist]1
1992八重山諸島/夕暮れ[nature sounds]1
1992屋久島/水の時[nature sounds]1
1992知床/夜明けの流れ[nature sounds]1
1992カリブ:トリニダード・トバゴ/ロビンソン・クルーソーの島[nature sounds]1
1992バリ島/満月の響き[nature sounds]1
1992Carrousel Kopp - Orgue de foire, Vol. 1[no artist]1
1992Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée[no artist]52
1992Party Games[no artist]1
1992Sound Effects 10 for Movies and Videos[no artist]1
1992The Sounds of Nature: Pacific Shores - Sounds of the Surf[no artist]1
1993Sultry Summer Breeze[nature sounds]1
1994北海道・大雪山/春の遊歩[no artist]1
1994スーパー・サウンド・アドベンチャー・シリーズ第5弾 水の美音[no artist]1
1994カナダ・ジョンストン海峡/オルカたちの時間[nature sounds]1
1994ネパール/天に最も近い場所[no artist]1
1994北海道/白い大地の旅[nature sounds]1
1994奈良・吉野・高野山/森霊の里へ[no artist]1
1994小笠原諸島/水平線の物語[nature sounds]1
1994岩手・花巻/風の中のイーハトーボ[nature sounds]1
1994Authentic Train Sounds: Collector's Edition Volume 1[no artist]1
1994Majestic Thunderstorm[nature sounds]1
1994Rainstorm[nature sounds]1
1994Sounds of Horror[no artist]1
1994Sounds of the Fascinating Animal World[no artist]1
1994The Classic Loop Collection[no artist]1
1995Sound Sketch of Bali[no artist]1
1995Beethoven Songbirds[nature sounds]1
1995Echoes of Nature: Killer Whales[no artist]2
1995Echoes of Nature: Tropical Lagoon[nature sounds]1
1995Nature's Course: Venture Under the Sea[no artist]1
1995Nature's Course: Wings in the Wild[no artist]1
1995Nature’s Course: Tropical Paradise[nature sounds]1
1995Tropical Rain Forest[nature sounds]1
1996Actions and Musical Interactions With Free-Ranging Whales and Dolphins[no artist]1
1996Animaux de Nuit[no artist]1
1996Au fil de l'eau[nature sounds]1
1996Invasion: Sound Effects from Outer Space[no artist]1
1996Relax With... Thundering Rainstorm[nature sounds]1
1996Sounds of the Earth: Dolphins[nature sounds]1
1996The Sound of Nature[nature sounds]3
1997Alpine Stream[nature sounds]1
1997Before the Storm[nature sounds]1
1997Ocean Waves at Dawn[nature sounds]1
1997Relax with ... Amazon Rain Forest[nature sounds]1
1997Relaxing Stream[nature sounds]1
1997Sounds of the Earth: Sea & Dolphins[nature sounds]1
1997Sounds of the Earth: Waterfall[nature sounds]3
1997Sunset by the Brook[nature sounds]1
1997The Music of Islam, Volume 10: Qur'an Recitation[no artist]1
1998Naturklänge, Vol. 1: Vögel & Wasser[nature sounds]3
1998Relax With... Amazing Amazon[nature sounds]1
1998St. GIGA Sound Calendar 1999[nature sounds]1
1998The Sound of Nature: Mysterious RainforestThe Sound of Nature1
1998The Sound of Nature: Ocean of DreamsThe Sound of Nature1
1998The Sounds of Stockholm: The Ambient Sound Recordings of Stockholm[no artist]1
1999Relax with Mountain Streams[nature sounds]1
1999Celtic Dreams Vol.2[no artist]1
1999Meri Panga panga all[nature sounds]1
1999Naturklänge, Vol. 2: Meeresgeräusche mit Musik[nature sounds]1
1999The Sounds of Thunder by the Sea[nature sounds]1
2000SCENERY Raindrops[nature sounds]1
2000Nature Recordings: Birdsong[nature sounds]1
2000Naturklänge, Vol. 3[nature sounds]1
2000Thunderstorms: Soothing Sounds Of Nature[nature sounds]1
2001Sounds of the World: Illustrations Sonores[no artist]1
2001The World of Nature Sounds, Volume 2[nature sounds]1
2001Nature Sounds[nature sounds]1
2001Nightmare Manor[no artist]1
2001Rainforest Requiem[nature sounds]2
2001Rise Up Singing: The Teaching Discs[no artist]3
2001Thunderstorm[nature sounds]1
2002Blue Lagoon[nature sounds]1

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