UK oi band

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Album + Compilation

1980Oi! The AlbumVarious Artists6
1981Carry on Oi!Various Artists5
1981Strength Thru Oi!Various Artists4
1982The Secret Life of PunksVarious Artists2
1983Son of Oi!Various Artists4
1986Oi! The ResurrectionVarious Artists2
1987Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 1Various Artists2
1987Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 2Various Artists2
1987Oi!... The Picture DiscVarious Artists1
1987The Sound of Oi!Various Artists2
1988Beat of the StreetVarious Artists1
1988Oi!... The Picture Disc, Volume 2Various Artists1
1989Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 5Various Artists1
1990The Joys of Oi!Various Artists1
1990The Oddities of OiVarious Artists1
1991The Best of Oi!Various Artists4
1992Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 1 & 2Various Artists1
1992The Best Of Oi! Volume 2Various Artists3
1993Oi! Chartbusters, Volume 5 & 6Various Artists1
1993Oi! It's a World LeagueVarious Artists1
1993Oi! The Resurrection / The Sound of Oi!Various Artists1
1993Secret Records: The Punk Singles CollectionVarious Artists1
1994Bollocks to ChristmasVarious Artists1
1994Still Out of Fuckin' OrderVarious Artists1
1995Secret Records: The Punk Singles Collection, Volume 2Various Artists1
1995The Best of Oi! Volume 3Various Artists1
1996Punk & NastyVarious Artists1
1996Oi! Greatest Hits, Volume OneVarious Artists1
1996Heroes and Villains: 16 Songs of Saints and SinnersVarious Artists1
1996Oi! The Singles Collection, Volume 1Various Artists1
1996Punk Outrage!Various Artists1
1996Ska-Ville U.K.Various Artists1
1996Trouble on the TerracesVarious Artists2
1997Lords of Oi!Various Artists3
1997100% British Oi!Various Artists1
1997Oi! The Singles Collection, Volume 3Various Artists1
1997Oi! The TinVarious Artists1
1998100% British SkaVarious Artists1
1999The Greatest Punk Album of All TimeVarious Artists1
2001The Entire History of PunkVarious Artists1
2001Cash From ChaosVarious Artists1
2001License to SkaVarious Artists1
2006The Punk SetVarious Artists1
2007Kings of Street PunkVarious Artists1
2017The Street Punk Rock BoxVarious Artists1
2018Burning Britain: A Story of Independent UK Punk 1980-1983Various Artists1


1981Bollocks to ChristmasVarious Artists21

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