Blast (Dutch band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Agatesa Blast 4:22
Better Time Blast 5:47
Bouncing Blast 8:42
Come to Chicago Blast ?:??
Comin' Down Swangin' (feat. Big Tuck) Blast ?:??
Communifade Blast 6:43
Crayzy Man Blast 3:31
Crayzy Man Blast 7:18
Crayzy Man Blast feat. V.D.C. 3:29
Crayzy Man (club on Blast) Blast 6:34
Crayzy Man (F.O.S. progress mix) Blast 9:08
Crayzy Man (Factory VOX mix) Blast 7:39
Crayzy Man (Loveland mix) Blast 7:05
Crayzy Man (Nick Hussey 7" mix) Blast 4:20
Crayzy Man (Nick Hussey mix) Blast ?:??
Crayzy Man (original mix) (part of “A Retrospective of House 91-96, 4” DJ-mix) Blast 5:54
Crayzy Man (radio mix) Blast feat. V.D.C. 3:30
Crayzy Man (Radio mix) Blast 3:34
Crazy Man Blast 3:28
Crazy Man Blast 3:30
Crazy Man (radio mix) Blast 3:33
Crazy Man 1996 RMX Blast feat. V.D.C. 8:49
Dear Pops... (feat. Russell Lee) Blast ?:??
Drop the Beat (original mix) Blast 5:09
E Se Di Questo Voi Dicere Piue Blast 5:28
Feel Like (feat. Russell Lee) Blast ?:??
Gotta Get By (feat. Gemini) Blast ?:??
H.O.I. Blast 8:49
Hood Rich (feat. Mannie Fresh) Blast ?:??
How We Ride (feat. Unkut, Jay Breezy) Blast ?:??
Ink Blast 8:26
Intro (Unexpected) Blast ?:??
Limbaire Blast 5:44
Litho 1 Blast 1:25
Litho 2 Blast 1:08
Look Me in My Eyes Akon feat. Blast 3:25
Look Me in My Eyes Akon feat. Blast 3:18
Look Me in My Eyes (feat. Akon) Blast ?:??
More Than a Dream (feat. Gemini) Blast ?:??
Multi Salsa Blast 7:31
Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue Blast 4:37
O.A.L.I. Blast 6:28
On Ice Blast 7:50
Or-Na-Ra-Tio Blast 4:52
Outgrowth Blast 6:43
Pain of Fear Blast 3:56
Pastorale Blast 6:12
Pimpin' These Hoes (feat. Bun B, Mr. Lee) Blast ?:??
Radio Talk Blast 0:26
Real Talk (feat. Russell Lee) Blast ?:??
Reppin' for the Star Blast ?:??
Scape Blast 5:10
Seismograph '93 Blast 8:08
Sex & Infedility (Stone & Nick club mix) (feat. V.D.C.) Blast 7:03
Sex & Infidelity Blast 2:59
Sex and Infidelity Blast feat. VDC 3:47
Take You Right Blast 5:06
Taliba Orgena Blast 5:18
Tectonic Afterbirth Blast 6:44
Tectonic Re-Birth Blast 8:15
Texas Keep It Trill (feat. Scarface) Blast ?:??
The Rocket Blast 4:50
This Is Not a Folk Song Blast 6:55
Thunder Clap (feat. Mr. Collipark) Blast ?:??
Walking Matters Blast 4:25
Welter Blast 5:32
Wire Stitched Blast 7:06
Zozoter au Funiculaire Blast 6:00

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