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members: Sean Booth (UK electronic producer Autechre/Gescom)
Rob Brown (UK electronic producer Autechre/Gescom)
Darrell Fitton (British electronic musician)
Rob Hall (DJ associated with Skam)
Russell Haswell (electronic musician)
Andy Maddocks (DJ and founder of Skam)
Dylan Nathan (British electronic musician; Jega)
Mike Williamson
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Bronchusix Gescom 7:09
Humba assistant Mira Calix 5:44
Keynell (mix 1) Gescom 9:24
Keynell (mix 2) Gescom 10:14
Khala assistant Mira Calix 10:13
Nonexistent (Keyed in by Gescom) additional Push Button Objects 4:45
PN-1.3.15 Gescom 8:43
Viral Ad Vanz vs. Gescom 7:05
YXJ440M Gescom 1:14
Boogie Down Bronx (Gescom remix) Man Parrish 4:14
Chunge (rmxd by Gescom) Gescom 5:11
Eddy Fresh (Gescom dub) Kid Acne 3:58
Eddy Fresh (Gescom remix) Kid Acne 3:13
ITISO161/AE Hecker 6:28
Nonexistent (Keyed in by Gescom) Push Button Objects 4:45
Phonok (Vacuum Party mix) Passarani 7:23