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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Bright New Sun Blutspan with It Was the Sun 4:39
A City Dressed in Shades Blutspan 5:29
A Different Time Blutspan 4:05
A Near Galaxy Blutspan 5:19
Astrae Blutspan 3:58
Behind the Curtains of Nemerth Blutspan 4:52
Contemplate Annihilation Blutspan 4:53
Cryogenic Dreams Blutspan 5:43
Cryogenic Dreams (remixed by Impurfekt) Blutspan 6:03
Damaged Controls Blutspan 4:23
Damaged Controls (c0ma remix) Blutspan 4:25
Desde del error (instrumental mix) Blutspan 4:19
Down to Earth Blutspan 4:05
Down to Earth (Tim Ballista remix) Blutspan 6:35
Down to Earth (VNDL remix) Blutspan 3:52
Finding Death Is Not the End Blutspan 3:58
Homestar Blutspan 5:31
I Dare Not Blutspan with Millipede 5:50
Ignore the Fire Blutspan 4:35
Jupiter Blutspan 5:00
Jupiter (c0ma remix) Blutspan 4:24
Kryptophagia Blutspan 5:29
Kryptophagia (LOTHUS remix) Blutspan 3:10
La niebla lejos del tiempo Blutspan 3:11
Let Flow and Smile Blutspan 3:55
Lights Blutspan 6:20
Lights (ATMPK remix) Blutspan 4:37
Nemerth Blutspan 4:22
She Is Broken Beyond Repair... Though I Tried. Blutspan 4:38
The Space Between Dead Stars Blutspan with Kothyus 4:56
The Tender Snow in Colossus Blutspan 4:13
The Trip Is Over Blutspan 3:24
Threnody Blutspan 6:02
Threnody (r.roo remix) Blutspan 4:53
Under the Star of Scorpii Blutspan 5:02
Under the Star of Scorpii (LOTHUS remix) Blutspan 4:36
Without You Blutspan 4:14
XCN-867 Blutspan 5:22

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