Louis Logic

~ Person


member of:Demigodz (US hip-hop collective)
The Odd Couple (US? hip hop)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/artist/143799 [info]
official homepages:http://www.louislogic.com/ [info]
Wikidata:Q6687690 [info]


HeavyweightsVinnie Paz feat. Louis Logic2:14
LightweightJ-Zone feat. Louis Logic3:42
Over The Cuckoo's NestSingle Minded Pros feat. Louis Logic3:47
TrinityJedi Mind Tricks feat. Louis Logic & L‐Fudge3:37
All in a Day’s WorkguestThe Loyalists feat. Louis Logic3:18
Blood ReignguestJedi Mind Tricks feat. DiamondBack, Louis Logic & B.A. Barakus3:37
Open Mic Nite, Part 1guestViktor Vaughn feat. Lord Sear, Brother Sambuca, Rodan as Dr. Moreau & Louis Logic4:09
Perfect CrimeguestMantra feat. Louis Logic4:01
Salieri ("The Middle of Nowhere" album version)guestAdam WarRock feat. MC Frontalot, Louis Logic4:06
TrinityguestJedi Mind Tricks feat. Louis Logic & L‐Fudge3:37