DOOM (Japanese progressive thrash/avant-garde band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
20th Century a Proud Man DOOM 5:58
A Day of the Holocoust DOOM 6:28
A Sandglass of the Jungle DOOM 4:48
All That is Gone DOOM 6:14
All Your Fears DOOM 8:51
Bad Priest DOOM 4:20
Bad-Priest DOOM 4:20
Body No Body DOOM 5:16
Bright Light DOOM 4:56
Can't Break My Without You DOOM 5:38
Circles Doom ?:??
Complicated Mind DOOM 6:41
Death of False ROCK!! DOOM 4:42
Death to Wimp! DOOM 4:50
Death to Wimp! DOOM 4:50
Desert Flower DOOM 4:18
Dooms Days DOOM 4:56
Eating It Raw DOOM 4:10
Fall, Rise and... DOOM 5:23
Fence and Barricade DOOM 6:03
Fire On the O.I.L. DOOM 3:41
Ghosts of Princess DOOM 4:02
Ghosts of Princess DOOM 4:02
Go Mad Yourself! DOOM 4:10
Human Noise DOOM 6:24
I Can't Go Back to Myself DOOM 7:50
I Will Be With You... DOOM 2:38
I'm Your Junky Doll DOOM 3:49
Ibiza DOOM 2:24
Incompetent... The War Pig DOOM 7:24
Introduce 99s Life... Getting Lies DOOM 2:56
Iron Card DOOM 3:20
Kick It Out! DOOM 3:55
Killing Field DOOM 6:35
Killing Field... DOOM 6:35
Killing Field… DOOM JPVI08819300 6:35
Killing Time DOOM 4:38
Kingdom of Silkroad DOOM 0:54
Last Stand In Hell DOOM ?:??
Last Stand to Hell DOOM 3:59
Lost! In My Head DOOM 4:05
Lyrics DOOM 2:29
Naked a Lunatic DOOM 6:25
Nervous Break Down DOOM 5:25
Never Seen... The God DOOM 6:34
No Free DOOM 6:19
No More Pain DOOM 7:55
No Way Out DOOM 4:27
Painted Face DOOM 4:44
Parasite DOOM 5:32
Poor Boy Condition DOOM 5:08
Revenge and Dirty Tricks DOOM 5:48
Rocking Russian DOOM 7:00
Rocking Russian DOOM 7:00
Siesta... DOOM 5:40
Slave of Heaven DOOM 5:51
Still Can't the Dead DOOM 9:12
Sympathy for the Devil DOOM 4:15
The Boys Dog DOOM 5:15
The Folly and Splice DOOM 6:47
The Stupid Man DOOM 5:10
Til' Death DOOM 4:32
To... Gray People DOOM 5:05
Which One...!? DOOM 5:56
Why!? DOOM 3:10
Why!? DOOM ?:??
Why!? DOOM 3:10
Will Never End DOOM 4:21
You Don't Cry... No Long Life DOOM 3:22
You End.Get Up! You DOOM 3:31

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