Lee Pardini

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member of:Dawes (US band) (keyboard)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/artist/1710447 [info]
other databases:https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/lee-pardini [info]
Allmusic:https://www.allmusic.com/artist/mn0002667354 [info]


As If by DesignpianoDawes4:16
Bum Bum Bumelectric pianoCass McCombs5:00
CrosswindWurlitzer electric pianoChris Stapleton3:24
CrykeyboardCass McCombs4:45
For No Good Reasonother instruments [acetone]Dawes4:21
For No Good ReasonpianoDawes4:21
HigherWurlitzer electric pianoChris Stapleton4:02
HigherHammond organ [Hammond B3 organ]Chris Stapleton4:02
How Could This Be Christmas?keyboardMandy Moore2:55
In a Chinese AlleypianoCass McCombs3:16
In a Chinese AlleykeyboardCass McCombs3:16
ItkeyboardCass McCombs5:12
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The YearkeyboardMandy Moore2:39
Laughter Is the Best MedicineorganCass McCombs5:18
Laughter Is the Best MedicinekeyboardCass McCombs5:18
Laughter Is the Best Medicineelectric pianoCass McCombs5:18
Less Than Five Miles AwaypianoDawes4:57
Less Than Five Miles Awayother instruments [acetone]Dawes4:57
Less Than Five Miles AwayPianetDawes4:57
Low Flyin' BirdkeyboardCass McCombs6:02
Low Flyin' BirdpianoCass McCombs6:02
Medusa's OuthousekeyboardCass McCombs4:55
One of UsclavinetDawes4:54
Opposite HouseorganCass McCombs4:15
Opposite HousekeyboardCass McCombs4:15
Picture of a ManorganDawes4:20
Roll TidepianoDawes5:28
Roll With the PunchesPianetDawes4:25
Run Sister RunkeyboardCass McCombs5:52
SwitchkeyboardCass McCombs4:14
The BottompianoChris Stapleton4:06
The BottomHammond organ [Hammond B3 organ]Chris Stapleton4:06
The Day I DiepianoChris Stapleton4:06
The FiresynthesizerChris Stapleton3:45
Think I’m in Love With YouHammond organ [Hammond B3 organ]Chris Stapleton3:43
TrustpianoChris Stapleton3:23
We’re All Gonna Dieother instruments [acetone]Dawes5:06
We’re All Gonna DiepianoDawes5:06
Weight of Your WorldHammond organ [Hammond B3 organ]Chris Stapleton3:54
Weight of Your WorldpianoChris Stapleton3:54
Weight of Your WorldWurlitzer electric pianoChris Stapleton3:54
Weight of Your WorldsynthesizerChris Stapleton3:54
What Am I Gonna DopianoChris Stapleton3:02
When the Tequila Runs Outother instruments [acetone]Dawes4:45
When the Tequila Runs OutPianetDawes4:45
White HorseHammond organ [Hammond B3 organ]Chris Stapleton4:28
As If by DesignDawes4:16
For No Good ReasonDawes4:21
Less Than Five Miles AwayDawes4:57
One of UsDawes4:54
Picture of a ManDawes4:20
Roll TideDawes5:28
Roll With the PunchesDawes4:25
We’re All Gonna DieDawes5:06
When the Tequila Runs OutDawes4:45
vocals arranged
Darn That DreamNew York Voices9:03
My Heart Is Live in BerlinkeyboardTheo Katzman & Four Fine Gentlemen
Tender HeartpianoMia Dyson
Tender Heartorgan [hammond]Mia Dyson
Tender Heartelectric piano [wurlitzer]Mia Dyson
My Heart Is Live in BerlinadditionalTheo Katzman & Four Fine Gentlemen
Can I Call You