Elegia (French deep house producer Laurent Collat)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
1992 (Heaven mix) FRV229700022 5:55
Aion 6:33
Aion (I-ON mix) 7:01
Art of Silence 6:07
Astrid 6:26
Basic 5:58
Basic FRV229900022 5:58
Basic (Laurent 'Laboratoire' Garnier mix) FRV229900024 8:37
Basic (Wake Up Lab remix) 5:17
Body And Soul 5:40
Breathless 1:18
Butterfly 4:57
City Lights Painting FRV229900032 6:54
Earthlight Vision 4:39
Elegia 4:13
Ennio 4:53
Feline 7:45
Finally FRV229900033 4:59
From Nowhere With Love FRV229700019 5:02
From Nowhere With Love (part of “Late Night Sessions III” DJ-mix) 2:49
Grid One FRV229700020 6:25
Grid One (live at the Bash club - Miami) FRV229800057 7:23
Grid Two FRV229700047 6:42
Grid Two (part of “VIRTU™ See Level” DJ-mix) 6:35
Hypno FRV229900028 3:39
I Am Not Worried Anymore... A Deal With God 9:39
I Am Not Worried Anymore... A Deal With God (dub V3.1 mix) 9:19
Is It Serious? (O.M.P. mix) FRV229700046 6:32
Low 3:25
Low FRV229900026 6:51
Low 3:26
My F!amily! FRV229700044 6:10
My Family 5:45
My Pleasure FRV229900034 6:12
My Serenity FRV229900027 3:27
Phoenix 7:56
Rainfall FRV229900031 3:56
Rescue FRV229700021 5:36
Rescue FRV229700021 5:20
Shampoo FRV229700048 5:48
Shampoo (Solo Melodica mix) FRV229700045 5:50
So Far Above 6:16
So Far Above (Adult Porn cut) 8:22
So Far Above (original mix) 6:15
Stay Low (Lukas Greenberg remix) 6:46
Terra Nova 5:13
The Essence of It FRV220000001
The Essence of It (Dima mix) FRV220000005 5:46
The Essence of It (Dima remix) 5:48
The Essence of It (Dima remix) 5:47
The Essence of It (Dima remix) 4:49
The Essence of It (Elegia remix) FRV220000004 6:41
The Essence of It (Thee Maddkatt Courtship mix / Felix's Open Air mix) FRV220000003 4:32
The Essence of It (Thee Maddkatt Courtship mix / Harry Havana's Boogie City mix) FRV220000002 7:25
The Tycoon 5:07
To Become... Cause It's Better Than Remembering 7:36
Way Form 3 (If You Ever) FRV229800122 5:51
Way Form One (So Hard) FRV229700018 6:27
Way Form Two (Swallow) FRV229700049 5:35
Wings FRV229900030 5:51
Wings FRV229900030 6:34

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