Godhead (US industrial band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
2000 Years of Human Error gODHEAD USPO10001082 3:05
Afterthoughts gODHEAD 3:40
Afterthoughts (acoustic, live) gODHEAD 4:03
Alone gODHEAD 5:08
Amazing Grace Godhead 5:13
And Ever gODHEAD 4:12
Another Day gODHEAD 4:50
Another Day (Shok's Other Way remix) Godhead 5:26
Anybody Else gODHEAD 3:17
Approaching the Edge (intro) gODHEAD 1:22
Backstander Godhead USPO10001080 3:11
Become the Sky gODHEAD 4:19
Bela Lugosi's Dead gODHEAD 3:37
Bela Lugosi's Dead Godhead 6:31
Bela Lugosi's Dead Godhead 3:34
Bela Lugosi's Dead Godhead 3:37
Bela Lugosi's Dead Godhead 3:34
Bela Lugosi's Dead (Julian Beeston remix) gODHEAD 3:35
Bela Lugosi's Dead (Julian Beeston remix) (DJ-mixed by Keoki) gODHEAD 1:50
Bela Lugosi’s Dead Godhead 3:37
Bela Lugosi’s Dead (as made famous by Bauhaus) Godhead 6:32
Bleed gODHEAD 3:43
Break gODHEAD 3:47
Break You Down gODHEAD USPO10001078
5 3:18
Break You Down gODHEAD 3:27
Break You Down (Bonafide remix) gODHEAD 8:12
Break You Down (Critter remix) gODHEAD 4:47
Childlike gODHEAD 1:22
Closing the Door gODHEAD 4:46
Closing the Door (Cursed mix) gODHEAD 4:38
Consumption gODHEAD 3:42
Consumption (Melt mix) gODHEAD 4:33
Craving gODHEAD 4:08
Dec V gODHEAD 2:55
Deconstruct gODHEAD 3:40
Desire gODHEAD feat. Joolz 3:21
Doubt gODHEAD 1:25
Dream gODHEAD 5:16
Edge of the World gODHEAD 3:56
Edge of the World (Fat Acid mix) gODHEAD 5:33
Eleanor Rigby gODHEAD USPO10001081 4:02
Eleanor Rigby gODHEAD 3:44
Eleanor Rigby gODHEAD 3:32
Eleanor Rigby (Chaotica edit) gODHEAD 3:51
Eleanor Rigby (Chaotica mix) gODHEAD 6:27
Eleanor Rigby (Lords of Acid edit) gODHEAD 3:58
Eleanor Rigby (Lords of Acid mix) gODHEAD 6:58
Eleanor Rigby (radio edit) gODHEAD 3:31
Eleanor Rigby (Sonic State edit) gODHEAD 3:10
Eleanor Rigby (Sonic State mix) gODHEAD 6:58
Eneme gODHEAD 4:31
Fade Away gODHEAD 4:33
Fade Away (Remix) Godhead 4:52
Fall Away gODHEAD 3:18
Fall Down gODHEAD 4:24
Fall Down (acoustic, live) gODHEAD 3:51
Fall Down (Joe Bishara remix) Godhead 5:09
Far Too Long gODHEAD 3:45
Far Too Long (acoustic, live) gODHEAD 3:42
Fascination Street gODHEAD 6:08
Fascination Street gODHEAD 5:27
Fat Too Long gODHEAD ?:??
Feel gODHEAD 3:39
Fucked Up gODHEAD 4:44
Fucked Up (acoustic, live) gODHEAD 4:52
Ghost of Your Memory gODHEAD 4:37
Gimp gODHEAD 3:34
Gimp gODHEAD 3:16
God of Thunder Godhead 4:06
Goodbye gODHEAD 3:38
Goodbye (Khursor remix) Godhead 4:33
Hades gODHEAD 1:30
Hand made Something gODHEAD 3:40
Headache Symphony gODHEAD 3:32
Hero gODHEAD 4:28
Hey Stoopid gODHEAD 4:24
Hey You gODHEAD 4:12
Hey You (Ginormous remix) Godhead 4:17
I Am Godhead 3:27
I Hate Today gODHEAD USPO10001083 4:50
I Lie to Live gODHEAD 3:17
I Sell Society gODHEAD USPO10001074 4:46
In Your Sleep (acoustic, live) gODHEAD 3:48
Inside You gODHEAD USPO10001075 3:31
Inside Your World gODHEAD 3:49
Inside Your World (Dark Moon remix) Godhead 4:06
Just Like You gODHEAD 4:08
Just Take Anything gODHEAD 3:47
Keep Me Down gODHEAD 3:28
Kiss Godhead vs. Joolz 3:41
Knowledge Kills gODHEAD 3:35
Las Rever gODHEAD 1:55
Laura's Theme gODHEAD 3:26
Letting Go gODHEAD 3:47
Lies gODHEAD 4:31
Lift gODHEAD 3:01
Memorial gODHEAD 5:03
Never Let Me Down Again Godhead 4:40
No More Godhead 5:59
non-audio track: live footage from Endless Night Festival, New Orleans gODHEAD 7:34

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