Pale (German Indie Rock Band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
(I Am Your) 808 3:17
(Look. They Call You) Believer 3 4:11
3720 0:18
A Clash at the Nightclub 3:08
A Day, a Lifetime 4:46
A New Scene 3:41
All I Need Is a Comeback 3 4:29
All I Need Is A Comeback (Demo) 4:32
All Walls Are Bricks 1:39
All walls are bricks (Xmas Album) 1:39
Both Sides. Now 0:46
Drop That Beat 3:18
Everytime You Say 'Hey' 4:27
Friend, You've Got to Fall 0:55
Gal. Why Don’t You Adore Me? 4:06
Girl Afraid 0:44
Girl Afraid (Xmas Album) 0:51
Gold (Spandau Balett) (Demo) 3:13
Goodbye Trouble 3:02
Goodbye Trouble 3:05
Goodbye Trouble (Xmas Album) 3:31
Hello, Lucky Thing 3:30
Hello, Lucky Thing 3:33
Home Is Lost (When I'll Be Back in Your Heart) 5:10
How to Survive Chance 4:03
How to survive chance (Subterfuge Remix) 5:34
I Am a Ghost 4:16
I Am a Ghost 3:16
I Am Sorry (You Are Not) 3 3:36
I Am Sorry (You Are Not) 3:34
I am sorry (you are not) (Single Mix) 3:42
I See You, but I Won't Stay Home 2:04
I See You, but... (reprise) 2:10
I want you back (Unreleased Demo) 3:24
If I could be you (Unreleased Demo) 3:21
In June 3:50
Karaoke Queen 2:55
Karaoke queen (Xmas Album) 3:08
Keep on Bad Bird 3:56
Keep On. Bad Bird 3:32
Let me go (Unreleased Demo) 2:47
Let's Get It On 3:10
Midwest Hits South 1:05
Midwinter 4:59
My Slow-Time September 3:40
Pinky Tunes 1:51
Pinky Tunes (Xmas Album) 2:04
Razzmatazz 3:41
She's After Me (original by Subterfuge) 3:43
She's After Me (Subterfuge Cover) 3:48
Sister. You Are About to Break Out 4:00
Six Shining Minutes at the Airport 5:15
Some Scenes May Last 3:40
Sometimes Somewhere 2:55
Sometimes Somewhere (Xmas Album) 3:22
Split Kick (My Friend David) 2:41
Start Spelled With T 3:14
Sure Thing 1 3:02
Take Me Out Bouncers 5:57
Take Me Out. Bouncers! 4:38
Teenage Heaven 2:37
Thank You Finsbury 1:47
The Arts at the Sands 3:07
The Coltrane Conspiracy 2:59
The Disco Kid 5:24
Time Is Now (Drop That Beat Demo) 3:38
Today Stopped Counting 2:32
Town Called Malice 2:56
Viva Squares 4:09
What a Miserable Reason 10:01
What Has Happened? 5:27
Whatever Turns You On 3:35
Whatever Turns You On (Demo) 3:55
White 3:35
You Wanna Be So Good 3:22
You Wanna Be So Good 3:25
You Wanna Be So Good (Demo) 2:39

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