1999The GatheringInfected Mushroom4.156
2000Classical MushroomInfected Mushroom4.37
2001B.P.EmpireInfected Mushroom4.357
2003Converting VegetariansInfected Mushroom4.49
2004IM the SupervisorInfected Mushroom4.157
2007Vicious DeliciousInfected Mushroom4.3510
2009Legend of the Black ShawarmaInfected Mushroom4.157
2012Army of MushroomsInfected Mushroom4.454
2013Friends on MushroomsInfected Mushroom4.255
2015Converting Vegetarians IIInfected Mushroom45
2017Return to the SauceInfected Mushroom3.853
2018Head of NASA and the 2 Amish BoysInfected Mushroom3.651
2020More Than Just a NameInfected Mushroom3.351
2022IM25Infected Mushroom3.251
2024RE:BORNInfected Mushroom2


2000Anyone Else But MeInfected Mushroom1
2000Classical MushroomInfected Mushroom1
2000Bust a MoveInfected Mushroom2
2000WiderInfected Mushroom1
2001B.P.EmpireInfected Mushroom53
2001Never NeverlandInfected Mushroom1
2002DoremifasInfected Mushroom1
2002ElevationInfected Mushroom1
2002I See MyselfInfected Mushroom & Simon Posford1
2002Power of CelticsInfected Mushroom2
2002SmahuttaInfected Mushroom1
2003Deeply DisturbedInfected Mushroom52
2003Dirty 80sInfected Mushroom vs. Psysex1
2003Semi NiceInfected Mushroom1
2004Cities of the FutureInfected Mushroom53
2005StretchedInfected Mushroom51
2005U.S.A. MushroomInfected Mushroom vs. V-Tec1
2007Becoming InsaneInfected Mushroom51
2009Smashing the OpponentInfected Mushroom53
2010Killing TimeInfected Mushroom feat. Perry Farrell56
2010Deck & ShekerInfected Mushroom51
2011Pink NightmaresInfected Mushroom52
2011I’m AlivePaul Oakenfold feat. Infected Mushroom51
2012U R So FuckedInfected Mushroom52
2012U R So SmartInfected Mushroom51
2012EvilutionDatsik & Infected Mushroom feat. Jonathan Davis51
2012Nation of WussesInfected Mushroom52
2012עתיד מתוקInfected Mushroom & משינה52
2013Never MindInfected Mushroom51
2013See Me NowInfected Mushroom51
2014Legal EyesInfected Mushroom vs. הדג נחש51
2015PsychoInfected Mushroom51
2015Fields of GreyInfected Mushroom feat. Sasha Grey52
2016Liquid SmokeInfected Mushroom51
2016NutmegInfected Mushroom51
2016עד אור שיעלהAvraham Tal & Infected Mushroom51
2017SpitfireInfected Mushroom51
2018I WishInfected Mushroom, JetLag Music & HOT-Q feat. Jay Jenner2
2018Walking on the MoonInfected Mushroom51
2018Bliss on MushroomsInfected Mushroom & Bliss feat. Miyavi51
2018GuitarmassInfected Mushroom51
2018Lost in SpaceInfected Mushroom & Tuna feat. A‐Wa51
2019Do ItMR.BLACK, Infected Mushroom & Skazi1
2019KababiesInfected Mushroom41
2020Ani MevushalInfected Mushroom & Bliss1
2020Freedom BillInfected Mushroom, Freedom Fighters & Mr. Bill1
2020Only SolutionsInfected Mushroom1
2020The Cum ChroniclesOblivionFall & Infected Mushroom1
2022A Cookie from SpaceInfected Mushroom & BLiSS1
2022Black VelvetInfected Mushroom feat. Ninet Tayeb1
2023תרקוד לנצחעומר אדם & Infected Mushroom1
2024RawthenticMr. Bill & Infected Mushroom1

Single + Remix

2001S Is Here (Yahel mix)Infected Mushroom1
2003BirthdayInfected Mushroom51
2004Elation Station (Beat Hackers remix)Infected Mushroom1
2005I'm the Superviz'a (Toxical remix)Infected Mushroom1
2005Mushi Mushi (Void remix)Infected Mushroom1
2010One DayInfected Mushroom feat. Matisyahu51
2015Now Is Gold (Sex Whales & Roee Yeger remix)Infected Mushroom feat. Kelsy Karter1
2016Kipod (Chrizzlix remix)Infected Mushroom1
2017The Shen (Usha vs. Cortex Remix)Infected Mushroom51
2017U R So F**ked (RIOT Remix)Infected Mushroom51
2017Cities of the Future (Timelock Remix)Infected Mushroom51
2017Becoming Insane (Remix)Infected Mushroom&Warrior1
2018Liquid Smoke (Shanti V Deedrah Remix)Infected Mushroom51
2018Nutmeg (Extra Terra Remix)Infected Mushroom52
2019Electro Panic (One Function remix)Yahel & Infected Mushroom1
2019Cities of the Future (Boombastix & Spiderage remix)Infected Mushroom1
2020Walking on the Moon (Bad Computer remix)Infected Mushroom1
2020Spitfire (Stonebank remix)Infected Mushroom1
2022La Trib Ani Utruch (Infected Mushroom remix)Infected Mushroom vs. Dudu Tassa & Berry Sakharof1
2022Lies and Deceptions (Bad Computer remix)Infected Mushroom1


1999Intelligate / Small Moves EPInfected Mushroom53
2000Classical Mushroom EPInfected Mushroom1
2000Double Click VinylInfected Mushroom1
2000Tsunami Sampler 2Infected Mushroom1
2001SymphonaticInfected Mushroom / Yahel51
2002BirthdayInfected Mushroom & Berry Sakharof1
2002Electro Panic EPInfected Mushroom & Yahel2
2013Friends on Mushrooms, Vol. 1Infected Mushroom42
2013Friends on Mushrooms, Vol. 2Infected Mushroom42
2014Friends on Mushrooms, Vol. 3Infected Mushroom42
2021ShroomeezInfected Mushroom31

EP + Remix

2018IM21, Pt. 1Infected Mushroom44

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