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R.E.M. was an American rock band from Athens, Georgia, formed in 1980 by drummer Bill Berry, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills, and lead vocalist Michael Stipe, who were students at the University of Georgia. One of the first alternative rock bands, R.E.M. was noted for Buck's ringing, arpeggiated guitar style; Stipe's distinctive vocal quality, unique stage presence, and obscure lyrics; Mills's melodic bass lines and backing vocals; and Berry's tight, economical drumming style. In the early 1990s, other alternative rock acts such as Nirvana and Pavement viewed R.E.M. as a pioneer of the genre. After Berry left the band in 1997, the band continued its career in the 2000s with mixed critical and commercial success. The band broke up amicably in 2011 with members devoting time to solo projects after having sold more than 90 million albums worldwide and becoming one of the world's best-selling music acts.

R.E.M. released its first single, "Radio Free Europe", in 1981 on the independent record label Hib-Tone. It was followed by the Chronic Town EP in 1982, the band's first release on I.R.S. Records. In 1983, the group released its critically acclaimed debut album, Murmur, and built its reputation over the next few years with similarly acclaimed releases every year from 1984 to 1988: Reckoning, Fables of the Reconstruction, Lifes Rich Pageant, Document and Green, including an intermittent b-side compilation Dead Letter Office. Don Dixon and Mitch Easter produced their first two albums, Joe Boyd handled production on Fables of the Reconstruction and Don Gehman produced Lifes Rich Pageant. Thereafter, R.E.M. settled on Scott Litt as producer for the next 10 years during the band's most successful period of their career. They also started co-producing their material and playing other instruments in the studio. With constant touring, and the support of college radio following years of underground success, R.E.M. achieved a mainstream hit with the 1987 single "The One I Love". The group signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1988, and began to espouse political and environmental concerns while playing large arenas worldwide.

R.E.M.'s most commercially successful albums, Out of Time (1991) and Automatic for the People (1992), put them in the vanguard of alternative rock just as it was becoming mainstream. Out of Time received seven nominations at the 34th Annual Grammy Awards, and lead single "Losing My Religion", was R.E.M.'s highest-charting and best-selling hit. Monster (1994) continued its run of success. The band began its first tour in six years to support the album; the tour was marred by medical emergencies suffered by three of the band members. In 1996, R.E.M. re-signed with Warner Bros. for a reported US$80 million, at the time the most expensive recording contract ever. The tour was productive and the band recorded the following album mostly during soundchecks. The resulting record, New Adventures in Hi-Fi (1996), is hailed as the band's last great album and the members' favorite, growing in cult status over the years. Berry left the band the following year, and Stipe, Buck, and Mills continued as a musical trio, supplemented by studio and live musicians, such as multi-instrumentalists Scott McCaughey and Ken Stringfellow and drummers Joey Waronker and Bill Rieflin. They also parted ways with their longtime manager Jefferson Holt and band's attorney Bertis Downs assumed managerial duties. Seeking to also renovate their sound, the band stopped working with Scott Litt, co-producer and contributor to six of their studio albums and hired Pat McCarthy as co-producer, who had participated before that as mixer and engineer on their last two albums.

After the electronic experimental direction of Up (1998) that was commercially unsuccessful, Reveal (2001) was referred to as "a conscious return to their classic sound" which received general acclaim. In 2007, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in its first year of eligibility and Berry reunited with the band for the ceremony and to record a cover of John Lennon's "#9 Dream" for the compilation album Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur to benefit Amnesty International's campaign to alleviate the Darfur conflict. Looking for a change of sound after lukewarm reception for Around the Sun (2004), the band collaborated with co-producer Jacknife Lee on their last two studio albums—the well-received Accelerate (2008) and Collapse into Now (2011)—as well as their first live albums after decades of touring. R.E.M. disbanded amicably in September 2011, with former members having continued with various musical projects, and several live and archival albums have since been released. They have since stated, in several interviews, that the band is unlikely to reunite.

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1985Fables of the ReconstructionR.E.M.4.414
1986Lifes Rich PageantR.E.M.4.4520
1991Out of TimeR.E.M.3.9528
1992Automatic for the PeopleR.E.M.3.730
1996New Adventures in Hi‐FiR.E.M.420
2004Around the SunR.E.M.2.8511
2011Collapse Into NowR.E.M.3.712

Album + Compilation

1987Dead Letter OfficeR.E.M.4.6511
1990The CollectionR.E.M.4.51
1991The Best of R.E.M.R.E.M.52
1993The Automatic BoxR.E.M.41
1994Singles CollectedR.E.M.42
1997Essential R.E.M.: R.E.M. in the Attic (Alternative Recordings 1985–89)R.E.M.41
2003Document / Lifes Rich PageantR.E.M.51
2003In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–2003R.E.M.4.919
2004iTunes Originals: R.E.M.R.E.M.41
2006And I Feel Fine… The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982–1987R.E.M.45
2006When the Light Is Mine: The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982–1987 Video CollectionR.E.M.51
2008Green / MonsterR.E.M.1
2011Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982–2011R.E.M.57
2013Original Album SeriesR.E.M.1
2014Complete Warner Bros. Rarities 1988–2011R.E.M.52
2014Complete Rarities - I.R.S. 1982–1987R.E.M.41
2014Complete Studio Albums 1988–1996R.E.M.52
2016Complete Studio Albums 1998–2011R.E.M.51
2018The Best of R.E.M. at the BBCR.E.M.51

Album + Compilation + Live

2004The Spirit of Radio (live)R.E.M.2
2014Unplugged: The Complete 1991 and 2001 SessionsR.E.M.34
2014Unplugged 1991R.E.M.1
2014Unplugged 2001R.E.M.1
2018R.E.M. at the BBCR.E.M.53

Album + Live

1991Songs for a Green WorldR.E.M.2
1997Road MovieR.E.M.1
2004Perfect SquareR.E.M.1
2009Legend of RockR.E.M.1
2009Live at the OlympiaR.E.M.35
2010Live From Austin TXR.E.M.1
2015Orlando Arena. April 30th 1989 (live FM radio concert remastered in superb fidelity)R.E.M.1
2019Little America (live)R.E.M.41
2019Pretty Persuasion (live)R.E.M.1
2007-06-30: Olympia Theatre, Dublin, IrelandR.E.M.1
MTV UnpluggedR.E.M.1
Uplink - MTV LiveR.E.M.1


1981Radio Free EuropeR.E.M.5
1983Talk About the PassionR.E.M.2
1984S. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)R.E.M.3
1984(Don’t Go Back to) RockvilleR.E.M.4
1985Can’t Get There From HereR.E.M.2
1985Driver 8R.E.M.3
1985Wendell GeeR.E.M.3
1986Fall on MeR.E.M.3
1987It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)R.E.M.8
1987The One I LoveR.E.M.57
1988Finest WorksongR.E.M.22
1988Get UpR.E.M.2
1988Orange CrushR.E.M.3
19881988 Fanclub SingleR.E.M.1
1989Pop Song 89R.E.M.5
19891989 Fanclub SingleR.E.M.1
19901990 Fanclub SingleR.E.M.1
1991Losing My ReligionR.E.M.3.59
1991Shiny Happy PeopleR.E.M.310
1991Near Wild HeavenR.E.M.2
1991Radio SongR.E.M.38
19911991 Fanclub SingleR.E.M.1
1991Losing My Religion / Shiny Happy PeopleR.E.M.51
1992Man on the MoonR.E.M.9
19921992 Fanclub SingleR.E.M.1
1993The Sidewinder Sleeps ToniteR.E.M.47
1993Everybody HurtsR.E.M.56
1993Find the RiverR.E.M.3
19931993 Fanclub SingleR.E.M.1
1994What's the Frequency, Kenneth?R.E.M.3
1994Bang and BlameR.E.M.10
19941994 Fanclub SingleR.E.M.1
1995Crush With EyelinerR.E.M.4
1995Strange CurrenciesR.E.M.37
19951995 Fanclub SingleR.E.M.1
1996E‐Bow the LetterR.E.M.6
1996Bittersweet MeR.E.M.28
19961996 Fanclub SingleR.E.M.1

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