Zbigniew Karkowski (experimental musician and composer)

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1999VoltageEdwin van der Heide & Zbigniew Karkowski1
2001HearZbigniew Karkowski1
2016A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush (The Last Recordings, Sweden, November 2013)Zbigniew Karkowski, Jean-Louis Huhta, Lars Åkerlund1
2020per Zbigniew KarkowskiZbigniew Karkowski1


1988Bad·Bye EngineBilting · Karkowski1
1991UexkullZbigniew Karkowski2
1992Phauss / Karkowski / BiltingPhauss / Karkowski / Bilting1
1998World as WillTetsuo Furudate + Zbigniew Karkowski1
1999MutationAube and Zbigniew Karkowski1
2000Choice of Points for the Application of ForceZbigniew Karkowski1
2000WhintZbigniew Karkowski / Francisco López1
2001KlrPita / Francisco López / Zbigniew Karkowski1
2002Consciously Unconscious Unconsciously ConsciousZbigniew Karkowski1
2002World as Will IITetsuo Furudate + Zbigniew Karkowski1
2005One and ManyZbigniew Karkowski1
2005KHZZbigniew Karkowski / Antimatter1
2007PenetrationZbigniew Karkowski & Torturing Nurse & Dickson Dee1
2008SwitchZbigniew Karkowski & Lin Zhiying1
20089 Before 9Zbigniew Karkowski & Damion Romero1
2008Eminent Risk FactorHelmut Schäfer and Zbigniew Karkowski1
2008UnleashZbigniew Karkowski & Daniel Menche2
2008World as Will IIIKarkowski · Furudate1
2011World as Will IVZbigniew Karkowski & Tetsuo Furudate1
2012Nerve Cell_0 (For Cello and Computer)Zbigniew Karkowski; Anton Lukoszevieze1
2013HorologyLars Åkerlund / Jean-Louis Huhta / Zbigniew Karkowski1
2013ProcessorXopher Davidson, Zbigniew Karkowski1
2014The Difficulty of BeingZbigniew Karkowski / Brian O’Reilly1
2018Untitled (For Guy Marc)Zbigniew Karkowski1
2019Karkowski / Encumbrance / GębaZbigniew Karkowski1
2022Universal TorusZbigniew Karkowski & Brent Gutzeit1

Album + Live

2001不味苦MAZK, 秋田昌美 + 寺·卡高斯基1
2006Noisejihad Live! 15/04/2005Zbigniew Karkowski / Fl/ex’01
2006Live At Waterland Kwanyin 水陆观音现场Zbigniew Karkowski / Li Chin Sung / 王凡 / Fannullone1
2010InfallibilismZbigniew Karkowski / Kelly Churko1
2014World as Will Live in Sao PauloZbigniew Karkowski & Tetsuo Furudate1
2017The Last Man in EuropeZbigniew Karkowski2
2017World as WillZbigniew Karkowski, Tetsuo Furudate1
2020Live-EnemyZbigniew Karkowski & Painjerk1
2020Attraction RejectedZbigniew Karkowski & Julien Ottavi1
2023Double Live BitcheZbigniew Karkowski & Julien Ottavi1


2003TurnoffZbigniew Karkowski / Francisco López2


2000ItZbigniew Karkowski1

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