Peter Astor

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Almost Falling in Love Peter Astor & The Holy Road 4:51
Blue Walking Days Peter Astor ?:??
Buddha Said Pete Astor 1:00
Chevron Peter Astor 3:56
Christmas Time Peter Astor 3:33
Dead Fred Pete Astor 3:51
Dead Trumpets Pete Astor 3:02
Donnefly Peter Astor & The Holy Road 4:48
Dunce Pete Astor 2:56
Four Letter Word Pete Astor 2:50
Ghost Sister Peter Astor ?:??
Golden Boy Pete Astor 3:22
Good Enough Pete Astor 3:39
Guy Fawkes' Night Peter Astor & The Holy Road 2:57
Harvest Moon Peter Astor ?:??
Heart-Shaped Swimming Pool Peter Astor ?:??
Injury Time Pete Astor 4:01
Letter To Nowhere Peter Astor ?:??
Look Away Pete Astor 3:06
Lost Soul Peter Astor & The Holy Road 3:18
Love, Full-On Peter Astor & The Holy Road 3:53
Magician and Assistant Pete Astor 3:15
Mistress of Song Pete Astor 2:46
Mr. Music Pete Astor 2:54
My Right Hand Pete Astor 3:36
Oh You Pete Astor 4:11
One for the Ghost Peter Astor 3:28
One for the Ghost Pete Astor 3:29
Only Child Pete Astor 3:34
Paradise Peter Astor & The Holy Road 5:00
Perfect Life Pete Astor 3:54
Really Something Pete Astor 3:47
Seaplane Peter Astor ?:??
Secret Life Peter Astor & The Holy Road 4:50
She Took the T.V. Peter Astor & The Holy Road 4:14
Sideways and the Golden Egg Peter Astor & The Holy Road 3:20
Six Day Wekend Peter Astor ?:??
Sleepers Pete Astor 3:10
Sleeping Tiger Pete Astor 4:33
Slip Away Pete Astor 3:34
Street Of Lights Peter Astor ?:??
Streets of Lights Peter Astor 3:23
Submarine Peter Astor 5:22
Take This Longing Peter Astor 4:39
Tango Uniform Pete Astor 4:11
The Emperor, The Dealer And The Birthday Boy Peter Astor ?:??
The Getting There Pete Astor 5:38
The Hotel at the Edge of the World Peter Astor & The Holy Road 3:51
The Perfect Crime Pete Astor 2:42
The Ride Pete Astor 2:12
There It Goes Pete Astor 3:41
Thirteen And Seven Centuries Peter Astor ?:??
Tiny Town Pete Astor 3:12
Tree of Birds Pete Astor 4:07
Very Good Lock Pete Astor 3:46
Walker Pete Astor 3:31
Water Tower Pete Astor 3:35
We Move In An Arc Whose Grace We Never See Peter Astor ?:??
What Was And What Could Never Be Peter Astor ?:??
You Better Dream Pete Astor 3:10

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