collaborator on:The Quintet (Parker, Gillespie, Powell, Mingus, Roach)
eponymous member of:Dizzy Gillespie – Stan Getz Sextet
member of:Charlie Parker’s Re‐Boppers
Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet
member of (as J.B. Gillespie):Boyd Raeburn & His Orchestra (trumpet)
original eponymous member of:Dizzy Gillespie Quartet (trumpet)
Dizzy Gillespie-Phil Woods All Stars
Dizzy Gillespie's All-Star Quintet (1945-1949: Gillespie, Parker, Haig, Russell, Catlet) (trumpet)
Dizzy Gillespie's Cool Jazz Stars (trumpet)
Dizzy Gillespie and His All Stars
Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra
Dizzy Gillespie Quintet (trumpet)
Dizzy Gillespie Big Band
Dizzy Gillespie Jazzmen
Dizzy Gillespie Sextet
The Dizzy Gillespie United Nation All Star Orchestra
The Trumpets of Roy Eldridge, Dizzy Gillespie and Harry Edison (trumpet)
children:Jeanie Bryson
students:Wallace Roney (jazz trumpeter)
founded:Dee Gee (from 1951 until 1953)
signed by:impulse! (jazz label active during the 60s-70s, now property of Universal Music Group, mainly used as a reissue label.)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Groovin' HighDizzy Gillespie3:51
School DaysDizzy Gillespie4:19
StablematesDizzy Gillespie4:10
TangorineDizzy Gillespie3:43
That's AllDizzy Gillespie3:09
Tin Tin DeoDizzy Gillespie4:15
Tour De ForceDizzy Gillespie5:04
Umbrella ManDizzy Gillespie3:01
1937-05-17Blue Rhythm FantasytrumpetTeddy Hill and His NBC Orchestra2:39
1937-05-17Blue Rhythm FantasytrumpetTeddy Hill and His Orchestra2:44
1937-05-17I'm Feeling Like a MilliontrumpetTeddy Hill and His NBC Orchestra2:39
1937-05-17I'm Happy, Darling, Dancing With YoutrumpetTeddy Hill and His NBC Orchestra2:49
1937-05-17King Porter StomptrumpetTeddy Hill and His NBC Orchestra3:02
1937-05-17King Porter StomptrumpetTeddy Hill and His Orchestra3:06
1937-05-17San Anton'trumpetTeddy Hill and His NBC Orchestra2:35
1937-05-17Yours and MinetrumpetTeddy Hill and His Orchestra2:44
1937-05-17Yours and MinetrumpetTeddy Hill and His NBC Orchestra2:39
1939-06-13Hot MalletstrumpetLionel Hampton Orchestra2:19
1939-09-11Early Session HoptrumpetLionel Hampton and His Orchestra2:41
1939-09-11Hot MalletstrumpetLionel Hampton and His Orchestra2:17
1939-09-11One Sweet Letter From YoutrumpetLionel Hampton and His Orchestra3:20
1939-09-11When Lights Are LowtrumpetLionel Hampton and His Orchestra2:15
1939-09-11When Lights Are Low (alternate take)trumpetLionel Hampton2:09
1940-03-08Boog IttrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:56
1940-03-08ParadiddletrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:05
1940-03-08Pickin' the CabbagetrumpetCab Calloway & His Orchestra?:??
1940-05-15Calling All BarstrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:44
1940-05-15Do I Care, No NotrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:53
1940-05-15Feelin' Tip ToptrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:44
1940-05-15Hard TimestrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:26
1940-05-15Hard Times (Topsy Turvy) (matrix no. 27299-1)trumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:21
1940-05-15Hi-De-Ho- SerenadetrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:59
1940-05-15Lone ArrangertrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:32
1940-05-15Who's Yehoodi?trumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:10
1940-05-16Hard Times (Topsy Turvy)trumpetCab Calloway & His Orchestra?:??
1940-06-27(I Don't Stand) A Ghost of a Chance (With You)trumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:02
1940-06-27Bye Bye BluestrumpetCab Calloway & His Orchestra?:??
1940-06-27Bye Bye BluestrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:55
1940-06-27Come On With the "Come On"trumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:59
1940-06-27Fifteen Minute IntermissiontrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:53
1940-06-27Rhapsody in RhumbatrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:49
1940-08-05Boo-Wah Boo-WahtrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:50
1940-08-05Boo-Wah Boo-Wah (excerpt)trumpetCab Calloway & His Orchestra?:??
1940-08-05Papa's in Bed With His Britches OntrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:36
1940-08-05Silly Old MoontrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:07
1940-08-05SunsettrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:14
1940-08-05Yo Eta CansatrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:02
1940-08-28Are You Hep to the Jive?trumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:51
1940-08-28Cupid's NightmaretrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:42
1940-08-28Levee LullabytrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:11
1941-03-05Special DeliverytrumpetCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:01
1941-04-304-F BluestrumpetClyde Hart’s All Stars2:38
1941-04-30Dream of YoutrumpetClyde Hart’s All Stars2:54
1941-04-30G.I. BluestrumpetClyde Hart’s All Stars2:26
1941-04-30I Want Every Bit of IttrumpetClyde Hart’s All Stars3:17
1941-04-30Ooh! Ooh! My! My! Ooh! Ooh!trumpetClyde Hart’s All Stars2:47
1941-04-30Seventh AvenuetrumpetClyde Hart’s All Stars2:52
1941-04-30Sorta KindatrumpetClyde Hart’s All Stars2:42
1941-04-30That's the BluestrumpetClyde Hart’s All Stars2:52
1941-05KerouactrumpetCharlie Christian7:33
1941-05Kerouac (first excerpt)trumpetDizzy Gillespie?:??
1941-05Kerouac (second excerpt)trumpetDizzy Gillespie?:??
1941-05Star Dust I (excerpt)trumpetDizzy Gillespie?:??
1941-05Star Dust II (excerpt)trumpetDizzy Gillespie?:??
1941-05Stardust, Part 1trumpetCharlie Christian6:15
1941-05Stardust, Part 2trumpetCharlie Christian3:24
1942-01Jersey BouncetrumpetLes Hite & His Orchestra?:??
1942-02-09Cannon BalltrumpetNora Lee King2:47
1942-07-29Little John SpecialtrumpetLucky Millinder & His Orchestra?:??
1942-07-29Mason FlyertrumpetLucky Millinder & His Orchestra2:47
1943-02-15Sweet Georgia BrowntrumpetDizzy Gillespie7:47
1944-04-13I Stay in the Mood for YoutrumpetBilly Eckstine With The De Luxe All Stars?:??
1944-12-05Blowing the Blues AwaytrumpetBilly Eckstine and His Orchestra?:??
1944-12-05Opus XtrumpetBilly Eckstine and His Orchestra?:??
1944-12-31East of the Sun (And West of the Moon)trumpetSarah Vaughan2:49
1944-12-31InterludetrumpetSarah Vaughan2:28
1944-12-31Interlude (Night in Tunisia)trumpetSarah Vaughan?:??
1944-12-31No Smoke BluetrumpetSarah Vaughan2:24
1944-12-31No Smokes Blues (alternate take)trumpetSarah Vaughan?:??
1944-12-31Signing OfftrumpetSarah Vaughan2:37
1944East of the SunpianoSarah Vaughan with Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra?:??
1944East of the SuntrumpetSarah Vaughan with Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra?:??
1944InterludetrumpetSarah Vaughan with Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra?:??
1945-01-04Dream of YoutrumpetCharlie Parker2:57
1945-01-04G.I. Blues (4-F Blues)trumpetCharlie Parker2:30
1945-01-04I Want Every Bit of IttrumpetCharlie Parker3:14
1945-01-04Ooh Ooh, My My, Ooh OohtrumpetCharlie Parker2:49
1945-01-04Seventh AvenuetrumpetCharlie Parker2:54
1945-01-04Sorta KindatrumpetCharlie Parker2:45
1945-01-04That's the BluestrumpetClyde Hart’s All Stars2:50
1945-01-04That's the BluestrumpetCharlie Parker2:59
1945-01-04What's the Matter Now?trumpetCharlie Parker2:44
1945-01-09Be-BoptrumpetDizzy Gillespie Sextet3:09
1945-01-09I Can't Get Startedtrumpet [t]Dizzy Gillespie Sextet3:08
1945-01-09Salt PeanutstrumpetDizzy Gillespie Sextet3:02
1945-01-17Barefoot Boy With CheekJ.B. GillespietrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra3:09
1945-01-17Blue MoonJ.B. GillespietrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra2:40
1945-01-17I'll Always Be in Love With YouJ.B. GillespietrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra2:43
1945-01-17InterludeJ.B. GillespietrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra3:08
1945-01-17Lonely SerenadeJ.B. GillespietrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra3:00
1945-01-17SequenceJ.B. GillespietrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra3:44
1945-01-17SolitudeJ.B. GillespietrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra3:02
1945-01-17SummertimeJ.B. GillespietrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra2:51
1945-01-17Who's to Answer?J.B. GillespietrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra3:06
1945-01-27March of the BoydstrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra2:38
1945-01-27SummertimetrumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra3:00
1945-01Interlude (Night in Tunisia)trumpetBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra3:13
1945-02-09Groovin' High (original version)trumpetDizzy Gillespie Sextet?:??
See all 1,347 relationships
A Beautiful FriendshipadditionalCarmen McRae4:43
A Night in TunisiaBoyd Raeburn & His Orchestra3:09
A Oscar for TreadwellCharlie Parker feat. Dizzy Gillespie3:23
Ad Hoc JamBuddy Rich and His Orchestra feat. Dizzy Gillespie11:35
BloomdidoCharlie Parker feat. Dizzy Gillespie3:27
Bu-Dee-DahColeman Hawkins and His Orchestra feat. Dizzy Gillespie3:08
ChoraleLalo Schifrin feat. Dizzy Gillespie5:45
Co-PilotGeorgie Auld & His Orchestra feat. Dizzy Gillespie2:51
Fat Beats (feat. Dizzy Gillespie)Bread & Butter3:30
It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)Stan Getz feat. Dizzy Gillespie6:40
Meditation Interlude (feat. Dizzy Gillespie)Bread & Butter0:29
Oop Pop A DahThe Dirty Dozen Brass Band feat. Dizzy Gillespie3:54
Salt PeanutsAl Haig feat. Dizzy Gillespie3:18
Scratching & Keyboard TechniquesDJ Yoda feat. Dizzy Gillespie2:32
Shaw ’NuffCharlie Parker feat. Dizzy Gillespie4:19
The ChainsLalo Schifrin feat. Dizzy Gillespie9:07
The EmpireLalo Schifrin feat. Dizzy Gillespie7:28
Two Bass HitBuddy Rich and His Orchestra feat. Dizzy Gillespie7:06
AlligatorDizzy Gillespie5:06
And Then She StoppedArturo Sandoval & Dizzy Gillespie9:20
CloserDizzy Gillespie3:12
Ding-A-LingDizzy Gillespie5:02
Dizzy the DuckArturo Sandoval & Dizzy Gillespie12:05
First ChanceArturo Sandoval & Dizzy Gillespie6:16
High on a CloudDizzy Gillespie3:21
Let Me Outta HereDizzy Gillespie5:14
MatrixDizzy Gillespie4:04
N'BaniDizzy Gillespie4:06
RimskyArturo Sandoval & Dizzy Gillespie8:47
Soul KissDizzy Gillespie4:07
SummertimeDizzy Gillespie3:47
Wheatleigh HallArturo Sandoval & Dizzy Gillespie8:16
1945-01-09Be-BopDizzy Gillespie Sextet3:09
1945-01-09Salt PeanutsDizzy Gillespie Sextet3:02
1945-05-11Salt PeanutsDizzy Gillespie's All-Star Quintette3:19
1945-12-29Slim's Jamspoken vocals [talking]Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie3:14
1946-02-05Diggin' DizDizzy Gillespie Jazzmen2:54
1947-08-22Oop‐Pop‐A‐DaDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra3:15
1947-12-22Cool BreezeDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra2:50
1947-12-30Manteca (matrix no. D7VV3090-1)Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra3:10
1947-12-30Ool‐Ya‐KooDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra2:54
1947He Beeped When He Should Have BoppedDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra2:44
1947Keep a Knockin' / Jingle Bells / Oopapada / SugarHelen O’Connell, Leo Watson, Dizzy Gillespie, Ken Hagood & Billie Holiday3:32
1948-12-29Duff CapersDizzy Gillespie4:13
1948-12-29Guarachi GuaroDizzy Gillespie3:14
1948-12-29I’m Be Boppin’ TooDizzy Gillespie2:21
1948-12-29I’m Be Boppin’ TooDizzy Gillespie2:15
1948-12-29I’m Be Boppin’ Too (take 1)Dizzy Gillespie2:20
1948-12-29Lover Come Back to MeDizzy Gillespie3:26
1949-05-06I’m Be Boppin’ Too (take 2)Dizzy Gillespie2:25
1949-05-06Jump Did‐Le BaDizzy Gillespie2:31
1949-07-06Hey Pete! Let’s Eat More MeatDizzy Gillespie3:03
1950-10-31Swing Low, Sweet Chariotlead vocalsDizzy Gillespie with the Orchestra of Johnny Richards2:53
1952-03-25Sabla Y BluDizzy Gillespie3:07
1952-04-06Ain't Misbehavin'Dizzy Gillespie2:59
1952-04-06Mama's Blues (Mrs Dizzy Blues)Dizzy Gillespie4:03
1952-07-18Ooh-Shoo-Be-Doo-BeeDizzy Gillespie feat. Joe Carroll3:19
1952-07-18Pop's Confessin'Dizzy Gillespie Quintet3:34
1952-07-18Umbrella ManDizzy Gillespie Quintet2:27
1953-05-13Salt Peanuts (live, 1953-05-13: Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada - undubbed)The Quintet7:38
1956-06-06Hey, PeteDizzy Gillespie5:39
1956-06-06School DayssoloDizzy Gillespie4:19
1956-06-06The Champlead vocals [scat] and soloDizzy Gillespie4:44
1957-04-07Umbrella MansoloDizzy Gillespie3:01
1957-12-19On the Sunny Side of the StreetDizzy Gillespie with Sonny Rollins and Sonny Stitt5:44
1961-03-04Kush (live, 1961-03-04: Carnegie Hall, N.Y., USA)Dizzy Gillespie4:14
1961-03-04Manteca (live, 1961-03-04: Carnegie Hall, N.Y., USA)Dizzy Gillespie6:27
1961-03-04Ool Ya Koo (live, 1961-03-04: Carnegie Hall, N.Y., USA)Dizzy Gillespie5:41
1961-03-04This is the Way (live, 1961-03-04: Carnegie Hall, N.Y., USA)Dizzy Gillespie3:53
1961-03-04Tunisian Fantasy (live, 1961-03-04: Carnegie Hall, N.Y., USA)Dizzy Gillespie13:15
1961-09-23Duke's Intro & Dizzy's Rapspoken vocalsDizzy Gillespie2:13
1964-11-05JamboDizzy Gillespie5:02
1964-11-05Poor JoeDizzy Gillespie2:42
1964-11-06Don't Try to Keep Up With the JonesesDizzy Gillespie2:39
1965-09-19Poor Joe (live, 1965-09-19: Monterey Jazz Festival, Monterey County Fairground, Monterey, CA, USA)Dizzy Gillespie4:32
1965-11-24Oh JoeDizzy Gillespie4:10
1967-05-25 – 1967-05-26Something in Your SmileDizzy Gillespie2:47
1967-05-25 – 1967-05-26Swing Low, Sweet CadillacDizzy Gillespie7:28
1972-07-20[blues medley jam, part 1] (live, Nice, France, July 20, 1972, first part)Charles Mingus Sextet & Dizzy Gillespie14:31
1972-07-20[blues medley jam, part 2] (live, Nice, France, July 20, 1972, second part)Charles Mingus Sextet & Dizzy Gillespie20:11
1980-07-19Get That BootyDizzy Gillespie3:45
1987-09Oop Pop A DahThe Dirty Dozen Brass Band feat. Dizzy Gillespie3:54
1989-03-11 – 1989-03-13Con AlmaJames Moody8:50
1989-03-11 – 1989-03-13Get the BootyJames Moody9:31
1989-03-23Interviewspoken vocalsMax Roach & Dizzy Gillespie32:40
Congo BluesRed Norvo & His Selected Sextet3:54
E’s Flat, Ah’s Flat TooCharles Mingus10:40
Get HappyRed Norvo & His Selected Sextet3:43
HallelujahRed Norvo & His Selected Sextet3:58
Hot HouseDizzy Gillespie's All-Star Quintette3:11
I'd Rather Have a Memory Than a DreamSarah Vaughan with the Dizzy Gillespie Septet2:45
Lover ManDizzy Gillespie's All-Star Quintette3:25
Mean to MeSarah Vaughan with the Dizzy Gillespie Septet2:43
On the Sunny Side of the StreetSonny Rollins5:42
Ool Ya KooDizzy Gillespie5:41
Oop-Pop-A-DaDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra3:08
Oop-Pop-A-DahDizzy Gillespie6:44
Pops' Confessin' (I'm Confessin' [That I Love You])Dizzy Gillespie3:33
Shaw 'Nuff (matrix no. G566-A1)Dizzy Gillespie's All-Star Quintette3:00
Slam Slam BluesRed Norvo & His Selected Sextet4:28
The Umbrella ManDizzy Gillespie2:41
What More Can a Woman Do?Sarah Vaughan with the Dizzy Gillespie Septet3:05
1977-07-14Dizzy Gillespie Jam: Montreux '77trumpetDizzy Gillespie
Groovin' HightrumpetDizzy Gillespie
Have Trumpet, Will Excite!trumpetDizzy Gillespie
Have Trumpet, Will Excite!trumpetDizzy Gillespie
Jazz in Paris: Dizzy Gillespie & his Operatic Strings OrchestratrumpetDizzy Gillespie
Jazz in Paris: The GianttrumpetDizzy Gillespie
Jazz in Paris: The GianttrumpetDizzy Gillespie
Jazz Partyguest and trumpetDuke Ellington & His Orchestra
Jazz Partyguest and trumpetDuke Ellington & His Orchestra
Montreux '77: Oscar Peterson JamtrumpetOscar Peterson
Plays Dizzy Gillespierhythm sticksBebop & Beyond feat. Dizzy Gillespie
Pleyel Concert 1953congasDizzy Gillespie
To a Finland Stationmouth harpArturo Sandoval & Dizzy Gillespie
1978-03-23At Onkel Pö's Carnegie HallDizzy Gillespie Quartet
At NewportDizzy Gillespie
Diz ’n Bird at Carnegie HallCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie
Dizzy at Home and AbroadDizzy Gillespie
Dizzy in GreeceDizzy Gillespie
Dizzy on the French RivieraDizzy Gillespie
Jazzbühne Berlin '81 Vol. 13Dizzy Gillespie Quintet
Oop-Pop-A-Dalead vocalsMoe Koffman Quintet
Plays Dizzy GillespieBebop & Beyond feat. Dizzy Gillespie
Pleyel Concert 1953Dizzy Gillespie
World StatesmanDizzy Gillespie
Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac
1957-12-11Haute Mon’
A Night in Tunisia (song version with English lyrics by Jon Hendricks)
A Night in Tunisia (vocalese version, lyrics by Mimi Perrin)
Afro Paris
And the Melody Still Lingers On (Night in Tunisia)
And Then She Stopped
Another Night in Tunisia
Be Pop
Bebop (Dizzy's Fingers)
Birk's Works
Blue 'n' Boogie
Blues for Bird
Brother K
Chicken Wings
Con Alma
Cool Breeze
Cubana Be
Cubana Bop
Diddy Wa Diddy (Mozambique)
Diggin' for Diz
Dizzy Atmosphere
Fiesta Mojo
Groovin' High
Guarachi Guaro
Hey Pete! Let's Eat More Meat
Hymne (con Alma)
Jump Did-Le Ba
Lover Man / Salt Peanuts
Minor Walk
Montreux Blues
Night in Tunisia (instrumental)
One Alone
One Bass Hit
Oop Bop Sh'Bam
Purple Sounds
Salt Peanuts
Shaw 'Nuff
She’s Gone Again
Stay on It
That's Earl, Brother
The Arrival
The Champ
Things to Come
This is the Way
Tour de Force
Tunisian Fantasy
Two Bass Hit
Wheatleigh Hall
Woody 'n' You
Woodyn' You
Would'n You
Wouldn't You
Dizzys Blues
He Beeped When He Should Have Bopped
I Waited for You
Oop Bop Sh’ Bam
Oop-Bop Sh’Bam
Our Delight
Salt Peanuts, Reborn