Jeff Dunham

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
"Dear Walter..." (Walter) 7:09
72 Virgins & Marital Bliss 10:14
A Jalapeño on a Steek! 4:21
A Terrifying Terrorist 5:45
AJ's Intro, Roadie The Shark Dog 10:19
American Woman 4:20
An American Christmas (Jose) 3:25
Batnut And Ruben 5:30
Buddy The Peeping Dog 6:08
Canine Companions 10:51
Christmas Outside the Box (Guitar Guy) 2:59
Christmas With the Achmed Family (Achmed) 2:04
Coffee, Crack and Gay Super Heroes (Peanut) 3:20
Coming to America 3:12
Crankenstein, Haven't Aged A Day 5:28
Downhill After Fifty, The Loser 5:58
Dr. Frankenstein Was Jewish, Three Foot Tall Monster, It's Alive! 9:26
Everything's Fine 3:30
From Us to You (The Whole Gang) 3:36
Hell and Santa Ana (Peanut) 4:41
Hockey and Nascar & Mo Black 'n' White (Sweet Daddy Dee) 3:20
House Full of Women & Airport Security 6:47
Hummer vs. Prius 5:52
I Hate Christmas (Walter) 2:11
I'm Batnut, Bat-Telepathy, Halloween candy 8:39
Jingle Bombs (Achmed) 2:33
José Jalapeño... On a Stick! (Peanut) 6:49
Light the Fire (Sweet Daddy D) 3:01
Love & Marriage (Walter) 5:23
My Eyes Are Up Here, If The Lambs Could Talk 4:55
Nascar and Drinkin' and Drivin' (Bubba J) 4:25
Pimps and Ho's & Stayin' White (Sweet Daddy Dee) 4:28
Premature Detonation 5:32
Roadkill Christmas (Bubba J) 2:41
Santa Is a Redneck (Bubba J) 2:38
Scared Of Mirrors, Red-Neck Vampire 5:51
Shut the Hell Up, Bad Parking & Cops on Bikes (Walter) 3:56
Song for Jeff (Peanut) 2:50
Superfriends 4:16
Superpowers 5:50
Sweet Daddy Santa Claus (Sweet Daddy D) 2:45
The Other White Meat 7:03
The State of the Union 12:08
Traffic Reports, Cell Phones, Lazy Eyes and Deaf Signing (Peanut) 5:34
Trick-Or-Treating, Mobile Home Schooled 6:09
When Santa Comes to Town (The Whole Gang) 2:24
White Trash Marriage (Bubba J) 2:29

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