Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Hitchiker's Souvenier ?:??
Beat Up by a Girl 2:38
Beat Up By A Girl ?:??
Buck Dagger ?:??
Chinese Crawfish ?:??
Cowbell Rock ?:??
Doin' The Pork Chop ?:??
Don't Cook That Cabbage (It Makes The Whole House Stink!) ?:??
Dust The Crib ?:??
Everybody In A Hurry (Ain't Nobody Going Nowhere) ?:??
Feet Staink Boogie ?:??
Flat Foot Sam Meets Way Out Willie ?:??
Get Down On It ?:??
Headin' For The Big City Lights ?:??
Heartbreak Habitrail ?:??
Home In Louisiana ?:??
Hunt The Wampus ?:??
I Ain't Afraid To Die ?:??
I'm 13 And Too Ugly To Live ?:??
I'm A One Man Band ?:??
I'm A Reject ?:??
I'm So Sick Of Your Headgear ?:??
Jesus Loves My One Man Band ?:??
Love Love Love ?:??
Nuclear Crucifixion ?:??
One Man ?:??
One Man ?:??
Pumpin' Propane ?:??
She's A Big Big Bopper ?:??
She's A Big Bopper ?:??
Suckin' On The Grapevine ?:??
Walkin And A-Steppin' In The Fire ?:??
Walkin' And A-Steppin' In The Fire ?:??
Walkin' With The Light ?:??
Walking With The Light ?:??
Writing the Same Song Over and Over Again 1:36
Writing The Same Song Over And Over Again (Alternate Take) ?:??

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