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members: Jonny Cragg
Antony Langdon
Royston Langdon
Richard Steel
Timo Ellis (American musician and producer) (2012-02 –)
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Date Title Artist Length
instrument arranger
The Hogyssey
2nd Avenue Spacehog 2:59
Almond Kisses Spacehog 2:44
Anonymous Spacehog 3:37
Beautiful Girl Spacehog 4:09
Candyman Spacehog 5:23
Candyman (Live) Spacehog 6:35
Captain Freeman Spacehog 2:28
Carry On Spacehog 3:34
Crack City (Live) Spacehog 5:44
Cruel to Be Kind Spacehog 3:05
Cruel To Be Kind (Live) Spacehog 3:05
Goodbye Violet Race Spacehog 4:00
In the Meantime Spacehog 4:59
Lucy's Shoe Spacehog 4:14
Mungo City Spacehog 4:34
Never Coming Down, Part I Spacehog 1:44
Never Coming Down, Part II Spacehog 4:02
One of These Days Spacehog 3:35
Only a Few Spacehog 3:24
Sand in Your Eyes Spacehog 3:49
Ship Wrecked Spacehog 5:28
Skylark Spacehog 1:58
Space Is the Place Spacehog 3:04
Spacehog Spacehog 2:14
Starside Spacehog 3:49
The Last Dictator Spacehog 4:14
To Be a Millionaire… Was It Likely? Spacehog 21:19
To Be a Millionaire... Was It Likely? (live) Spacehog 3:38
Zeroes Spacehog 6:38
Mungo City Spacehog