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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1960-08-20Country Music Has Gone to TownfiddleJohnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys2:12
1960-08-20Talkin' EyesfiddleJohnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys2:31
1961-03-31I'm Always by Myself When I'm AlonefiddleJohnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys2:23
1961-03-31Lonesome Night WindfiddleJohnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys2:34
1961-03-31Love ProblemsfiddleJohnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys2:24
1961-03-31Smiles & TearsfiddleJohnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys2:25
1961-11-09I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky (1961 recording)fiddleBill Monroe2:23
1961-11-09Little MaggiefiddleBill Monroe2:33
1961-11-09Toy Heart (1961 recording)fiddleBill Monroe2:15
1961-11-30Cotton FieldsfiddleBill Monroe2:31
1961-11-30Danny BoyfiddleBill Monroe2:36
1961-11-30Journey's EndfiddleBill Monroe2:49
1961-11-30What Do You Think of Her NowfiddleJohnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys2:46
1964-02-03Bill's DreamfiddleBill Monroe2:34
1964-02-03Last Old DollarfiddleBill Monroe2:17
1964-04-09Fire on the MountainfiddleBill Monroe2:05
1964-04-09Just Over in GlorylandfiddleBill Monroe2:24
1964-04-09Louisville BreakdownfiddleBill Monroe2:18
1964-04-09Never AgainfiddleBill Monroe2:08
1965-03-16I Live in the PastfiddleBill Monroe2:55
1965-03-16The Long Black VeilfiddleBill Monroe2:40
1965-03-16There's an Old, Old HousefiddleBill Monroe2:49
1966-11-03Pretty Fair Maiden in the GardenfiddleBill Monroe2:45
1966-11-22Big CountryfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:36
1966-11-22Crow on the BanjofiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:23
1966-11-22Going Up Dry BranchfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys1:54
1966-11-22Red RoosterfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:25
1966-11-22You Are My SunshinefiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys3:16
1967-02-07Living Like a FoolfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys3:15
1967-02-07Union CountyfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:01
1967-02-07Uptown BluesfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:45
1969-05-02Arab BouncefiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:32
1969-05-02Doin’ My TimefiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys3:16
1969-05-02Lonesome Prison BluesfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:54
1969-05-02Milwaukee Here I ComefiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:39
1969-05-02Shackles and ChainsfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:57
1971-01-20Heel and Toe PolkafiddleBill Monroe2:27
1971-01-20Jenny LynnfiddleBill Monroe2:16
1971-01-20Milenburg JoyfiddleBill Monroe2:19
1971-01-27 – 1971-02-01RosiannafiddleThe Manhattan Transfer and Gene Pistilli3:04
1971-08-09Bluest Man in TownfiddleDel McCoury3:26
1971-08-09Cluck Old HenfiddleDel McCoury1:41
1971-08-09Don’t Let Your Sweet Love DiefiddleDel McCoury2:06
1971-08-09Don’t Stop the MusicfiddleDel McCoury2:24
1971-08-09Farmer JohnfiddleDel McCoury2:06
1971-08-09Golden SlippersfiddleDel McCoury1:07
1971-08-09How Long BluesfiddleDel McCoury2:18
1971-08-09I Hope You Have LearnedfiddleDel McCoury3:02
1971-08-09I’ll Still Write Your Name in the SandfiddleDel McCoury2:25
1971-08-09Livin' on the MountainfiddleDel McCoury1:55
1971-08-09Lonesome HobofiddleDel McCoury1:56
1971-08-09Mother's PrayerfiddleDel McCoury3:10
1971-08-09Rain & SnowfiddleDel McCoury3:44
1973-03-16Fly Me to FriscofiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:41
1973-03-16I Buried My FuturefiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys3:34
1973-03-16Just Plain YellowfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:28
1973-03-16Mary AnnfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:26
1973-07-17I Never Go Around Mirrors (I've Got a Heartache to Hide)fiddleLefty Frizzell2:36
1974-04-10Beautiful Brown Eyes (1974 recording, solo vocal by Lisa Martin)fiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys1:59
1974-04-10Grave Upon the Green HillsidefiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:40
1974-04-10Lost to a StrangerfiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:37
1974-04-10You Are My SunshinefiddleJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:24
1977-07-25Christmas Time's A-Coming (1977 studio recording, no vibraphone)fiddleBill Monroe2:44
1977-07-25Texas Blue BonnetfiddleBill Monroe2:10
1977-07-25The Sunset TrailfiddleBill Monroe3:37
1977-07-27Blue GoosefiddleBill Monroe2:35
1977-07-27My Sweet MemoryfiddleBill Monroe2:48
1977-07-27She's Young and I'm Growing OldfiddleBill Monroe2:29
1977-07-28My Florida SunshinefiddleBill Monroe2:20
1977-07-28Pinewood ValleyfiddleBill Monroe2:29
1977-07-28That’s Christmas Time to MefiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys2:38
1977-07-28Wabash Cannon BallfiddleBill Monroe3:01
1982-07-04Baptize Me in the Cumberland River (live, 1982-07-04: Cathedral Caverns, Woodville, AL, USA)fiddleBill Monroe2:26
1982-07-04I’ll Fly AwayfiddleBill Monroe2:23
1982-07-04In the Gloryland WayfiddleBill Monroe2:17
1982-07-04Little ShepherdfiddleBill Monroe3:12
1982-07-04Precious Memories (live, 1982-07-04: Cathedral Caverns, Woodville, AL, USA)fiddleBill Monroe5:02
1982-07-04Shouting on the Hills of GloryfiddleBill Monroe2:48
1982-07-04The Old Crossroads (live, 1982-07-04: Cathedral Caverns, Woodville, AL, USA)fiddleBill Monroe4:24
1982-07-04Wayfaring StrangerfiddleBill Monroe5:38
1982-07-04What a Friend We Have in JesusfiddleBill Monroe4:15
1982-07-04Wicked Path of Sin (live, 1982-07-04: Cathedral Caverns, Woodville, AL, USA)fiddleBill Monroe3:35
1982-12-23My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin'fiddleBill Monroe & Ricky Skaggs2:51
1983-01-06Old RivermanfiddleBill Monroe & John Hartford4:03
1983-01-26With Body and SoulfiddleBill Monroe & Waylon Jennings3:39
1983-01-27I Still Miss SomeonefiddleBill Monroe & Johnny Cash2:56
1983-02-01Blue Moon of KentuckyfiddleBill Monroe & The Oak Ridge Boys3:43
1983-02-22The Sunset TrailfiddleBill Monroe & Willie Nelson3:44
1983-04-20 – 1986-04-20Kentucky WaltzfiddleBill Monroe & Emmylou Harris3:05
1983-05-04My Rose of Old KentuckyfiddleBill Monroe & Barbara Mandrell3:17
1986-03-17Dancin’ in Brancin’fiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys2:33
1986-03-17Jekyll IslandfiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys2:33
1986-03-17Music Valley WaltzfiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys2:58
1986-03-17Stay Away From MefiddleBill Monroe2:17
1986-03-18Angels Rock Me to Sleep (1986 studio recording)fiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys3:01
1986-03-18The Long BowfiddleBill Monroe2:47
1986-08-19God Holds the Future in His HandsfiddleBill Monroe3:40
1986-08-19The Old Cross Roads (1986 recording)fiddleBill Monroe4:08
1988-01-04Southern FlavorfiddleBill Monroe3:17
1988-01-05Stone CoalfiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys2:57
1988-01-05Texas Lone StarfiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys2:35
1988-01-08Sugar Loaf MountainfiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys2:56
1988-01-12The Days Gone ByfiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys3:30
1988-01-12White RosefiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys3:18
1988-01-13Life’s HighwayfiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys2:57
1988-01-14Give Me WingsfiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys3:45
1988-01-14Take Courage Un' TomorrowfiddleBill Monroe2:28
1988-01-14What a Wonderful LifefiddleBill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys4:20
1992-12-22Sadness/Darlin' WaltzviolinMark O’Connor & Buddy Spicher2:55
1994-10-30TanyardsfiddleButch Robins4:46
1996-12 – 1997-06Prosperity Specialfiddle [harmony fiddles]Bobby Hicks3:54
(Waltz Me) Once Again Around the Dance Floorfiddlek.d. lang2:39
Bean Blossom MemoriesfiddleJames Monroe3:01
Blue Moon of KentuckyfiddleJames Monroe3:03
Bluegrass BreakdownfiddleJames Monroe2:36
Boat of Lovefiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan2:40
BonnyfiddleJames Monroe & Bill Monroe1:46
BustedfiddleHazel Dickens2:33
Christmas Time's A Comin'fiddleJames Monroe2:34
ClydefiddleJ.J. Cale2:31
Good Clean FunfiddleThe Monkees2:19
Goodbye Old Palfiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan2:20
I Believed in You Darlingfiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan2:30
I Haven't Seen Mary in YearsfiddleJames Monroe & Bill Monroe3:11
I Was Left on the Streetfiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan2:50
I'm Just a Used to Befiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan2:07
I'm on My Way Back to the Old Homefiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan2:30
If I Needed YouviolaEmmylou Harris with Don Williams3:36
It's Mighty Dark to Travelfiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan2:16
Listen to the BandfiddleThe Monkees2:31
Listen to the Band (previously unissued version)fiddleThe Monkees2:46
Live and Let LivefiddleJames Monroe & Bill Monroe2:30
Lonesome Old FarmerfiddleJimmy Campbell2:10
Long Long TimefiddleLinda Ronstadt4:25
Nine Pound HammerfiddleJames Monroe & Bill Monroe2:09
Old Calloused HandsfiddleHazel Dickens3:48
Out Among the StarsfiddleHazel Dickens3:31
Picture From Life's Other SideMac Wiseman5:27
Ramblin'fiddle [second fiddle]Vassar Clements2:41
Rocky Road BluesfiddleJames Monroe2:05
Rose of Old KentuckyfiddleJames Monroe2:40
Rounder Bluesfiddle [second fiddle]Vassar Clements3:02
Sittin' Alone in the Moonlightfiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan3:04
Sweetheart You Done Me Wrongfiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan3:31
Thank God I'm a Country Boyfiddle [fiddle (right side)]Special Consensus4:29
The First Whippoorwillfiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan4:22
Tomorrow's Already LostfiddleHazel Dickens3:45
Tramp on the StreetMac Wiseman4:18
Uncle PenfiddleJames Monroe1:58
Walk Softly on This Heart of MinefiddleJames Monroe2:38
Wayfarin' StrangerfiddleJames Monroe4:02
When the Bees Are in the HivefiddleJames Monroe & Bill Monroe2:25
When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fallfiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan3:52
When You Are Lonelyfiddle [harmony fiddle]Peter Rowan2:52
Wreck of the Old #9Mac Wiseman2:52
12 Golden Country Greatsfiddle, guest and mandolinWeen
12 Golden Country Greatsfiddle and guestWeen
BreakawayfiddleKris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
Come On Down to My WorldfiddleJ.D. Crowe and The New South
Home Freefiddle and violaDan Fogelberg
Home Freefiddle and violaDan Fogelberg
King of the Roadfiddle and guestBoxcar Willie
King of the Roadfiddle and guestBoxcar Willie
Nashville MirrorsBill Anderson
One Day at a TimeviolaJoan Baez
One Day at a TimefiddleJoan Baez
Soft RockerfiddleBob Ruzicka
Touchin’ HomefiddleThe Boys From Indiana
Forgiveness Just Ain’t in Her PlanThe Boys From Indiana2:24
Touchin’ HomecoThe Boys From Indiana
Thank God I'm a Country BoyBuddySpecial Consensus4:29