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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Back in the Dark Jovonn & DJ Deep 6:49
Back in the Dark (part of “Dan Ghenacia’s Sound of the City: Paris” DJ‐mix) Jovonn & DJ Deep 5:36
Back in the Dark (part of “Groove Anthology: House Not House” DJ-mix) DJ Deep & Jovonn 6:42
Back In The Dark Jovonn/DJ Deep 7:21
Back In The Dark (dub mix) Jovonn/DJ Deep 5:32
Back To House (Ian Pooley Main Mix) (part of “Malkasten, IV” DJ-mix) Jovonn 4:01
Back to House (Ian Pooley's main mix) Jovonn 2:27
Back to House (Jovonn's Classic Goldhouse Mix) Jovonn 7:40
Back to House (Pooley's dub) Jovonn ?:??
Back to NY/NJ Jovonn 4:27
Back to the House (Ian Pooly's dub mix) Jovonn 2:33
Banger Jovonn 3:04
Be Free (Vocal Mix) Jovonn 6:54
Blasque House (instrumental) Jovonn 5:33
Can't Hold It Back Jovonn 6:13
Can't Make Up My Mind Jovonn 3:58
Circle Dance Jovonn ?:??
Circle Dance ("Little" Louie Vega DJ-Mix) Jovonn 3:27
Crying Strings Jovonn 7:08
Dat House Jovonn ?:??
Don't Get Too Close Jovonn feat. Hosanna Littlebird ?:??
Don't Wanna Let U Go Jovonn 8:29
Don’t Get Too Close Jovonn feat. Hosanna 5:51
Drum Drum Jovonn 5:35
Elements (part of a “Defected in the House: Miami 09” DJ‐mix) Jovonn 3:21
Erson's Keys Jovonn 7:43
Feelin’ Better (Jovonn Next Moov club mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: 10 Years of Soul Heaven” DJ‐mix) Jovonn feat. Carole Sylvan 3:07
First Night to Love (part of “Ministry of Sound: 10 Years of Soul Heaven” DJ‐mix) Jovonn 3:09
Floor Vibes Jovonn ?:??
Flutes (165th Street Mix) Jovonn 5:35
Get Down Jovonn 6:37
I'm Gonna Miss You Jovonn feat. K.T. Brooks 6:02
It's Gonna Be Alright (Be Smoove Dub) Jovonn 6:39
Jessie's Speech Jovonn 5:05
Joy (vocal mix) Jovonn feat. Stephanie Cooke GBBGH9930109 6:20
Keep on Dancin’ (part of a “Defected in the House: Croatia” DJ‐mix) Jovonn 4:50
N.Y.N.J. Jovonn 5:36
Nite Roads Jovonn 6:55
Old Man Groan (DJ Spen, Thommy Davis & Gary Hundge remix) (part of “Southport Weekender, 4” DJ-mix) Jovonn 3:44
Old Man Groan (JoVonn Moovin Keyz remix) (part of “Sessions: Cajmere vs. Green Velvet” DJ‐mix) Jovonn 2:45
Perks Jovonn 5:13
Pianos of Gold Jovonn 6:24
Satisfied (Moodyfied mix) (part of a “Fabric 67: Zip” DJ‐mix) Jovonn 4:23
Slammin' Doors (Knockin') Jovonn ?:??
Spirit (album version) Jovonn 6:11
Spring Jovonn/DJ Deep 5:44
Strings of De La Jovonn ?:??
Take a Chance (original mix) Jovonn 6:10
The March Jovonn ?:??
The March Jovonn 2:41
Track Mode Jovonn 3:16
Trippin (Body 'n' Deep dub mix) Jovonn ?:??
Trippin (Body 'n' Deep Vox mix) Jovonn ?:??
Turn & Run Away (original demo mix) Jovonn 4:33
Turn & Run Away (original demo mix) Jovonn 6:59
Where Did House Go (Did Goldhouze Mix) Jovonn 6:48

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