Advent of Bedlam (Costa Rican death metal)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Awaiting for Chaos 5:17
Chronicles of a Bedlamite 4:42
Creed of the Void 1:22
Dogmatic Apprehensions 6:17
Echoes of the Unhinged 5:30
Enlightenment of the Forsaken 7:36
Harp of Ruin 5:21
Ifrit Awakens 0:41
Indoctrinated Wrath 4:25
Nimrod’s Rebellion 4:44
Purification Through Pain 4:36
The Alabaster Corpse / Consequences 7:29
The Darkest Alliance 5:51
The Stench of Your Faith 4:51
The Swinish Moguls 4:19
Time for Vengance 4:40
Tyrannicide 5:38
Vessels of Sin 4:55

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