Name ISRCs Rating Length
…and Then the Girl Said, "Why Would You Want to Be in a Band That Didn't Have a Message?" 0:57
[silence] 0:05
A Letter From the Gas Company 1:41
A Rats' Ass 1:05
A Real Kneeslapper 3:59
Adrenalin 4:40
Altar of Goat Skulls 3:51
Alzheimers 2:46
Alzheimerz 2:57
Anal Cunt Is Gay 0:23
Annihilator the Devastator 2:01
Argument at Your Local Indie Record Store 0:43
As Narcissus Catches His Own Reflection in the Party Ball 0:14
Baby Crusher 0:30
Balled of Chico 2:19
Balls of Bigotry 0:32
Bands That Play Funk Blow 0:17
BFFZ 0:38
Bigfoot Destroy 2:39
Blondies 0:46
Cocaine Keeps Me Thin and Sexy 1:15
Congressional Metal of Honor 0:30
Cyber-Mod 0:22
Death Hammer of the Bearded Ones 2:29
Dispelling the Myths of Couch 0:41
Distinct Correction 2:41
Don't Fuck My Sister 0:53
Eddie Money 0:05
Fool Ass Jaw Ass 0:10
Forced Boat 0:27
Free Jazz (And Mumia) 1:27
Funeral March 1:13
Gangly Dominion Over Your Corpse 2:48
Gary Drug Abusey 1:12
Gas Money 1:24
Grind Fluffer 1:07
Hack to Bits 1:25
He's Watching a Film 0:28
Hellcatcher 4:14
Horrible 1:11
How Do You Like My White Suit? 2:42
I Blow Shits 4:07
I Just Broke Up With Jim O'Croce 0:59
If I Can't Understand It... I'll Crush It 2:11
Intro 1:20
Jesus Farted 1:06
Jock-O-Rama (Gilbert & Lewis mix) 4:34
Kent State (I Guess the National Guard Didn't Finish the Job) 1:13
Kooky Spook (Scrutiny Bladder) 2:01
Lair of Deadly Gigantic Scorpions 2:06
Last Day of the Sun 0:47
Lemur in Limbo 1:25
Luft Balloons 8:38
Make Them Die Slowly 1:35
My Nordic Butt Can Rule Nations 2:40
One Laast Jam 2:40
One Shot, One Kill 0:09
Open the Realm (I Left My Keys in There) 0:58
Open the Realm 2 1:18
Outro 0:42
Ozzy Looked Like Bea Arthur on the Ultimate Sin Tour 13:07
Paper Thin Lizzy 5:52
Paranoid 2:25
Paul Stanley's Chest 0:43
Pegasus Boyd 1:17
Queen of Vermin 1:38
Resentment of the Indians 2:03
Rhythm Is a Danger/ Deja Vu 1:24
Rock n Roll Weapon 3:12
Satanium Bloodlust 2:28
Sean Brants (1000 lbs. of Statue) 0:47
Small Penises Work Better 2:16
Straight Up Comedy Grind 0:35
Strippers on Ecstasy 1:29
Support Vaginal Pride 0:14
The Clenched Fist of White Oppression 0:35
The Possum Antithesis of John Davies 0:28
The Thought Bubble Above My Head Is Filled With Golden Rotating Shotguns 0:37
The Wound (Gapeth Open) 2:15
This Close 2:03
Train Come to Town, Make Town Dirty 3:08
True Worriors of Metal 1:47
Uncle Tom's of Finland 0:50
Unyielding Glare 2:45
Vicissitudes 0:33
Waiting for Toney Sucks 0:44
Warning 0:56
We had "Dying" in our Name way Before all Those Metalcore Cocksuckers Came Along 0:21
We Want Weez-E 2 0:47
Weapons of Fiji 0:50
You Carry My Jock Like the World on Your Shoulders 1:09
Your Studied Indifference is Duly Noted 1:01

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