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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
1-900-Call Gi H-Town 1:34
A Thin Line Between Love & Hate H-Town feat. Roger Troutman 4:56
A Thin Line Between Love & Hate H-Town 5:00
A Thin Line Between Love & Hate H-Town 4:16
Baby I Love Ya H-Town 5:51
Baby I Wanna H-Town 5:14
Back Home to Lovin' You H-Town 3:36
Back Seat (Wit No Sheets) H-Town 4:45
Beggars Can't Be Choosey H-Town 4:05
Beggin' After Dark H-Town 1:46
Buss One H-Town 5:43
Can't Fade da Flavor H-Town 3:45
Champagne Bubble Bath and Me H-Town 4:02
Cruisin' Fo' Honeys H-Town 2:21
Cryin Out My Heart To You H-Town 6:06
Dang H-Town feat. Lil’ Flip 4:13
Die For You H-Town 3:31
Don't Hold Back The Rain H-Town 3:50
Don't Sleep On The Female H-Town 2:57
Don't Sleep On The Female H-Town 2:42
Emotions H-Town 4:57
Favorite Spots H-Town 3:20
Feel Like Fire H-Town 3:55
Fever for da Flavor H-Town 4:34
Freak Me H-Town 2:45
Full Time H-Town 5:21
Funk H-Town 11:02
Green Light H-Town 3:29
H-Town Bounce H-Town 3:41
H-Town Intro '94 H-Town 2:31
Here We Go Again H-Town 3:59
I Sleep U I Wear U H-Town 4:14
Indo Love H-Town 4:45
Interlude H-Town 1:13
Introduction H-Town 0:25
It's Your Thing H-Town 4:02
Jezebel H-Town 3:46
Julie Rain H-Town 4:17
Keepin' My Composure H-Town 3:35
Knockin da Boots H-Town 3:35
Knockin the Boots H-Town 1:58
Knockin the Boots H-Town 4:11
Knockin Your Heels H-Town feat. Jodeci & Pretty Ricky 4:12
Knockin' da Boots H-Town 5:33
Knockin' da Boots H-Town 4:07
Knockin' Da Boots H-Town 5:17
Knockin' Da Boots H-Town 4:28
Knockin' Da Boots H-Town 4:26
Knockin' Da Boots H-Town 5:27
Knockin' da Boots (LP version) (part of a “MTV Party to Go, Volume 5” DJ‐mix) H-Town 4:54
Knockin’ da Boots H-Town 5:31
Knockin’ da Boots H-Town 4:29
Knocking the Boots H-Town 4:54
Let's Just Make It (feat. Crystal Conner) H-Town 5:30
Lick U Up H-Town 5:35
Lick You Up H-Town 1:57
Married Man H-Town 3:40
May the Best Man Win H-Town 3:21
Mind Taker H-Town 4:52
More Ways to Love a Woman H-Town 4:09
Much Feelin' (And It Tastes Great) H-Town 5:23
My Pink Sky H-Town 5:16
Natural Woman H-Town 5:50
No.1 Friend H-Town feat. Kiotti 3:32
Nothin In Common H-Town 4:36
Nothin' In Common (Intro) H-Town 0:54
One Night Gigolo H-Town 5:29
One Night Gigolo H-Town 5:31
Part Time Lover H-Town 4:09
Prelude to Emotion H-Town 1:36
Pretty Toes H-Town 3:17
Pune Juice H-Town 4:17
Push Up On Your Body H-Town 4:02
Rockit Steady H-Town 4:32
Sex Bowl H-Town 5:13
Sex Dance H-Town 4:49
Sex Me H-Town 3:50
She's Actin' Bad (feat. Big Mike & MC Qua) H-Town 4:10
Shoot 'Em Up H-Town 4:52
Slow and Easy (feat. Zapp) H-Town 2:57
Spank Me H-Town 3:57
Special Kinda Fool H-Town 4:08
Sticky Lee Presley H-Town 0:22
Stop Living in Colors H-Town 3:45
Strip Club Junkies H-Town 3:32
The Day I Die H-Town 5:07
The Last Record H-Town 3:19
The Thrill Is Gone H-Town 3:27
They Like It Slow H-Town 4:40
They Like It Slow H-Town 4:02
Toon Girl H-Town 3:05
Treat U Right H-Town 4:12
Tumble & Rumble H-Town 6:02
Unpredictable H-Town 3:16
Visions In My Mind H-Town 4:01
Ways To Treat A Woman H-Town 3:46
Woman's Anthem H-Town 4:51
Woman's Anthem Intro H-Town 2:09
Woman's World H-Town 3:47
Won't U Come Back H-Town 4:40

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