Name ISRCs Rating Length
Somebody Who 3:28
Somebody Who (Dubka remix) GBGEY1400115 5:22
Somebody Who (Machines in Heaven remix) GBGEY1400111 6:48
Somebody Who (NCZA remix) 4:04
Somebody Who (NZCA/Lines remix) GBGEY1400102 4:04
Somebody Who (The Shoes and San Zhi remix) GBGEY1400110 4:10
Stars 2:59
Stars 3:32
Stars 3:00
Stars (Disco Pusher remix) 3:55
Stars (Disco Pusher remix) 3:55
Stay Golden 2:49
Stay Golden 2:45
Stay Golden 2:46
Stay Golden 2:58
Stay Golden 2:45
Stay Golden 2:47
Take Me as I Am 2:23
Take Me as I Am (It's a Musical remix) 2:23
Take Me as I Am (Max Cooper remix) 6:19
Take Me as I Am (Max Cooper remix) 6:19
Tell Me 4:11
Tell Me (Clock Opera remix) 3:49
The Disco Song 2:20
The Last One 4:41
The Last One (Mack Winston dub remix) 4:04
The Lead Is Galloping 2:35
The Lead Is Galloping (Babe remix) GBGEY1400098 3:51
The Lucky One 4:30
The Lucky One 4:33
The Lucky One 4:26
The Lucky One 4:31
The Lucky One (James Yuill remix) 3:16
The Lucky One (Kyte remix) 5:21
The Lucky One (Kyte remix) 5:17
The Lucky One (Slow club remix) 2:47
The Lucky One (Slow Club remix) 2:47
The Way to There 6:48
The Way to There (Mark-Anthony Tieku remix) 4:26
The Way to There (Mark-Anthony Tieku remix) 4:27
The Way to There (Rerunner remix) 5:31
The Winter Song ?:??
The Winter Song 2:53
The Winter Song 2:52
Through the Backyards 3:54
Through the Backyards 3:50
Through the Backyards (Leander remix) 4:50
Through the Backyards (The Shortwave Set remix) 4:08
Trace a Line 3:57
Trace a Line (Montag remix) 5:19
We Are Here 3:50
We Are Here (Silver Columns remix) 4:18
We Both Know 4:54
We Both Know (Apparat Organ Quartet remix) 4:44
We Both Know (Pete Wiggs remix) GBGEY1400100 4:59
We Both Know (White Collar Boy remix) GBGEY1400108 6:00
Where You Go 3 2:42
Where You Go (Guther remix) 4:17

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