King (British mid-80s New Wave)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(KFAD) Wait For No-One King 3:39
2M.B. King 3:50
Ain't No Doubt King 2:38
Alone Without You King 4:31
Alone Without You King GBBBN8500026 3:36
Alone Without You (Reprise) King 3:23
Alone Without You (Scorcher Mix) King 4:30
And as for Myself King 3:23
Anti‐Pope (John Peel Session) King 3:54
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite King 2:27
Bolivar King 2:42
Cherry King 4:15
Classic Strangers King 3:34
Crazy Party King 3:25
Cyrus the Great King 2:11
Don't Stop King 4:15
Don’t Stop King 3:29
Endlessly King 3:36
Fish King 5:13
Fish (reprise) King 2:30
Fools King 2:53
Groovin’ With the Kings King 3:29
I Cringed, I Died, I Felt Hot King 4:57
I Kissed the Spikey Fridge King 4:06
I Kissed the Spikey Fridge (Rock Hard mix) King 4:00
I Know King 3:37
Invictus King 2:18
Love & Pride King GBBBN8400002 4 3:22
Love & Pride (part of “Nagy Dance Házibuli Lemez” DJ-mix) Daniel Hoppe feat. King 1:41
Love & Pride (Body & Soul remix) King 5:30
Love & Pride (dub mix) King 4:05
Love & Pride (extended 12'' mix) King 6:14
Love & Pride (USA summer mix) King GBBBN8502030 6:15
Love & Pride (USA Summer mix) King 3:31
Love and Pride King 3:06
Love and Pride King ?:??
Love and Pride (part of “Popmix” dj-mix by Ben Liebrand) King 1:45
Love and Pride (part of DJ-mix “Mastermix: Flashback 1979–1983”) King 1:16
Mind Yer Toes King 4:11
Never Ending King 2:47
New Madison Square Garden King 2:31
Pageantry King 2:04
Penny Arcade King 3:18
Platform One King 3:07
Ponderoso King 2:17
Sells Floto Triumphal King 2:48
Soul on My Boots King 3:36
Soul on My Boots King 4:35
Soul on My Boots (Rub a dub remix) King 6:28
Sugar Candy Mountain Buddhas King 3:54
Suspicious Minds King ?:??
The Blacksmith (Paul Trainer remix) King 7:09
The Essential 80s Playlist: Stop! / We Don’t Have To… Take Our Clothes Off / You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) / Love & Pride / I’m Your Man / Just Can’t Get Enough Erasure / Jermaine Stewart / Dead or Alive / King / Wham! / Depeche Mode ?:??
The Taste of Your Tears King GBBBN8500030 4:04
The Taste of Your Tears (Breaker Heart CD Mix) King 5:42
The Taste of Your Tears (Breaker Heart mix) King 6:20
These Things King 4:37
These Things King 2:29
These Things (Reprise) King 2:30
Torture King 4:29
Torture King 3:37
Torture (Passion Fruit extended mix) King 6:14
Torture (Passion Fruit Mix) King 6:43
Trouble King 4:02
Trouble King 4:51
Trouping Days King 1:51
Unity Song King 4:08
Won’t You Hold My Hand Now King 3:04
Won’t You Hold My Hand Now King 3:13
Won’t You Hold My Hand Now (Heavy Times mix) King 7:51
Won’t You Hold My Hand Now (Youth mix) King 5:22

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