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Bathing thought provoking lyrics in a sea of atmospheric guitars and synths, Indigo Daydream is the alternative rock creation of multi-instrumentalist, Nick Cheshire.

Indigo Daydream's second single is called "How Would it Feel to Know the Truth". Exploring the theme of alternative reality in a post-truth world, the song references literature and film, specifically Alice in Wonderland and The Matrix, as well as making reference to The Beatles' song Glass Onion.

The third official single, "Never Minded Being Alone (but lately)" continues the dream pop theme but engages with a more emotive lyrical context. "Like falling backwards in slow motion into a cloud." was how The Sounds Won't Stop described it in their 2022 review.

The creative inspiration for Indigo Daydream came following Cheshire's recovery from a head injury during lockdown. Lying in an MRI capsule listening to the beat of the machine, "I decided then to create something positive from the whole experience." Cheshire included a sample from the MRI in the track "Enter the Indigo Daydream".

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2021Enter the Indigo DaydreamIndigo Daydream51
2021Life Might Not Be RealIndigo Daydream51
2021How Would it Feel to Know the TruthIndigo Daydream51
2022Never Minded Being Alone (but lately)Indigo Daydream51

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