Name ISRCs Rating Length
1289, Voyeur Will Shine, Fight for Distinction, Evolution Is Mine. ?:??
Abolishing the Obsolete System 6:54
Bliss of the Weak, Strength to the Peak, Teach for Humble, Soil Will Rumble. ?:??
Consume Ectoplasm Before It Runs, Resume Chakras Because It Burns. ?:??
Cyborg Activation (Last Human Civilization) 6:09
Decoded - Karnosiris 8:37
Desolate ?:??
Dvorzhetskii's Prophecy 4:55
Greenhouse Effect 4:54
Intro: Opus After Genocide 3:31
Junaki, Osinaki. Dhumuha, Saki. ?:??
Maatir manuh ami, Maatirey jibon, matirey gao joyogaan. Part 1 ?:??
Maatir manuh ami, Maatirey jibon, matirey gao joyogaan. Part 2 ?:??
Mayamohey bhora, aey dhorat. ?:??
Onamika ?:??
Osir ?:??
Osiris 1 7:02
Osiris 1 5:51
Phase Cancelled: Sub Sapien Release (Operation Anti-Cyborg) 4:30
Polymorphic Infection - Releasing Proteus 5:07
Post War Symphony (Rebuild Human Civilization) 2:12
Swallowing the Infected Sun (Artificial Solar Layering Method) 5:40
The Collapse of Q-Web and Osiris 1 3:20
The fall of World Defense System 1:53
The Nullification Method - ONI vs. Proteus 6:00
The Quantum Barrier Code Interpretation by Mainframe 5:43
Tongue of Fire, Burning Wings, Torment Dormant, Breaking Black Rings. ?:??
We Are Here, They Are Here, Sector of Nectar, Feeding Vector. ?:??
Weather Report, Shortening of Days, Change Their Minds, Clash of Rays. ?:??
X-Karna - Activated 5:20

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