Name ISRCs Rating Length
A First Look at Your Spending 4:11
A Quick Review 2:51
An Example 13:47
An Example in Compund Interest - Emergency Fund 5:38
Analyzing Risk 5:54
Auto Insurance 4:24
Becoming a Small Business Owner 6:00
Becoming an Entrepreneur 5:40
Car Interest Payments 4:38
Cash Only 5:47
Compund Interest 6:25
Cutting Up the Credit Cards 5:19
Developing an Anti-Credit Mindset 5:48
Don't Promise Away Your Income 2:47
Extended Waranties and Credit Life Insurance 6:11
Finding a Good Financial Advisor 9:35
Getting Off the Gerbil Treadmill 6:51
House Always Wins 7:58
How Your Pocket Is Picked 7:27
I Will Never Be This Vulnerable Again 4:15
Index Funds 6:47
Is a New Location for You? 6:08
John's Auto-Pilot Investing System 6:12
John's Story 5:18
Keys Eights, Nine and Ten 5:05
Keys Five, Six and Seven 6:24
Keys One and Two 2:44
Living Without Credit Cards 6:04
Looking at Your Model 3:38
More Ways to Save 6:28
Mortgage Payments 3:47
Mutual Funds 4:50
Paying Off Your Mortgage - Your Best Investment 11:10
Real Estate as a True Asset 4:01
Reducing Clothing Costs 8:40
Reducing Housing Costs 9:58
Reducing Your Grocery Costs 5:22
REITs 4:34
Setting Goals With Self-Honesty 3:17
Shopaholics 2:27
Some Deeper Issues to Consider 3:01
Some Emotional Benefits 4:00
Some Final Thoughts from John 7:35
Some Legal Issues 4:39
Start NOW - Keys Three and Four 3:06
Staying Current 2:01
Staying Focused 6:37
The Average Household 3:13
The Bottom Line 3:01
The Joneses Are Going Broke 8:54
The Monthly Payment Trap 3:18
The Power of Compound Interest 11:20
Three Critical Truths 3:05
Today's Financial Realities 11:47
True Wealth 5:39
Two Ways to Invest in Real Estate 2:09
Understanding the Enemy 7:10
Visualizing Your Success 5:24
Watch Out for the CIA 4:59
Ways to Save on Car 3:16
What the TDIW System Will Do for You 5:37
What You're Really Teaching Your Kids 5:29
Where to Look for Your Accelerator Margin 3:39
Will a Second Income Really Pay Off? 5:54
Your Accelerator Margin 2:16
Your Home's Equity 4:22
Your Ideal Day 5:27

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