Bionic (German EBM/electro group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Anti-Matter Bionic 6:04
Anti-Matter (original) Bionic 6:04
Antimatier Bionic 6:03
Anything Bionic 3:47
Born New Life Bionic 4:07
Cold Eyes Bionic 5:05
Devils Maid Bionic 6:31
Fear Bionic 5:09
Get Out Bionic ?:??
Give Me Shelter Bionic 4:33
I Don't Care Bionic 5:23
I Want to Save You Bionic 5:16
Inside Bionic 5:00
Inside (remix by Accessory) Bionic 5:37
It Doesn't Matter Bionic 4:16
It Doesn't Matter Bionic 4:12
It Doesn't Matter Bionic 4:14
It Doesn't Matter (Want U remix by Minusheart) Bionic 4:29
It's No Par Bionic 4:36
Mighty Ride Bionic 4:56
Musty Smell Bionic 5:44
Nachzehrer Strigoi feat. Downstairs Left, Bionic, Andreas Gross, Projekt Ich, Elafynoh, [de:ad:cibel] & Programmist 8:30
No Fate Bionic 7:08
R.I.P. Bionic 2:21
Ruthless Aggression Bionic 5:52
Somewhere Bionic 4:43
Strive for Uniting Bionic 5:06
Trail of Torment Bionic 4:56
Trail of Torment (mighty version) Bionic 6:48
Turn You Out Bionic 2:04
Ultra Blue Bionic 6:17
We Be Getting Down Bionic 5:37
We Be Getting Down Bionic 4:02
What Would You...? Bionic 4:15

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