2012much ado about fuckingfranklin cosmos1
2012SickerwinterFrankie Cosmos1
2012separation anxietyFrankie Cosmos1
2012Thanks for EverythingFrankie Cosmos1
2012Woodchip Arthur and His Sweaty PalmsFrankie Cosmos1
2013WobblingFrankie Cosmos1
2013MossFrankie Cosmos1
2013love rindFrankie Cosmos and the Emptiness1
2013told you soFrankie Cosmos1
2013Why Am I Underwater?Frankie Cosmos1
2013Daddy CoolFrankie Cosmos1
2013I'm Sorry I'm Hi Let's GoFrankie Cosmos1
2013Pure SuburbFrankie Cosmos2
2014DonutesFrankie Cosmos1
2014ZentropyFrankie Cosmos3
2014Affirms GlintingFrankie Cosmos1
2014Quick SongsFrankie Cosmos1
2016Next ThingFrankie Cosmos2
2018VesselFrankie Cosmos4
2019Close It QuietlyFrankie Cosmos3
2022Inner World PeaceFrankie Cosmos5

Album + Compilation + Demo

2020Great ScrapsFranz Charcoal1


2018Home Is Where / OrchardFrankie Cosmos / LVL UP1
2018Jesse / The RagerFrankie Cosmos / Kyle Craft1
2019Haunted Items #1Frankie Cosmos1
2019Haunted Items #2Frankie Cosmos1
2019Haunted Items #3Frankie Cosmos1
2019Haunted Items #4Frankie Cosmos1
2019WindowsFrankie Cosmos2
2019Rings (on a Tree)Frankie Cosmos1
2019WannagoFrankie Cosmos2
2021Sad 2 / SlideLomelda & Frankie Cosmos1
2023AbigailFrankie Cosmos1


2012Birth of PenisFrankie Cosmos1
2012LOSINGFrankie Cosmos1
2015Fit Me InFrankie Cosmos2
2016CoversFrankie Cosmos1

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