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legal name: Christian Pallentin (1993 –)
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Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/6608 [info]
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Wikidata: Q828477 [info]
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Date Title Artist Length
Dream and Bliss (Radiant mix)
UK Decay
2009 The Fourth Coffin (P•A•L remix) Negru Voda 3:32
Asphyxiate (remixed by P•A•L) Cervello Elettronico 4:26
CP Drummer (P·A·L remix) Noisex 2:20
Crashtest Dummy (Crash club remix) Jesus and the Gurus 5:03
Deadnettlepan (P•A•L remix) Soul in Sadness 4:29
Desire of (P.A.L remix) Neutral 5:44
Durch springende Lippen (P.A.L. remix) Samsas Traum 3:07
Gespensterkrabben (In die Tiefe / Begegnung Remix by P·A·L) Mandelbrot 6:11
IX (P•A•L remix) Der Blutharsch 4:54
Lies (P.A. L mix) Klinik 7:29
Mongo (remix by P•A•L) 100blumen 2:24
Peek and Poke (remix by P·A·L) Contagious Orgasm 3:50
Resistance (Richter Magnitude Scale remix by P•A•L) Contagious Orgasm & Dirk Geiger 6:40
Straight to Video (P•A•L dub mix) Mindless Self Indulgence 3:44
The Gathering (Sackcloth and Ashes remix) Ah Cama-Sotz 4:11
Unhappy Day (remix by P·A·L) Ambassador21 4:31
Release P•A•L